Hey guys!  Ross Matthew show just called me and asked me if they could call me to talk to “a prevous BB WINNER!!!

YAYAYAYAYAY! Ok, need your help.. WHAT is the most important thing you guys want me to ask????

Update: OK, so it went really quick and i only got to ask one question, but I did ask the big one… Why did Chima get away with holding the show hostage so much so that they had to TAPE it??? I could hear Dick and Ross talking about it a little and Dick said, that he had heard that too, and that WAS why they taped it instead of holding it live. Then they chatted about it for a minute, then said thank you etc.. and hung up, and I couldn’t hear anything else.

I had wanted to ask a couple of other things, but I know they had lots of callers, so.. anyhoo it will be on Monday. I was really excited about it, and i am so glad I was able to ask ya’ll question! :)

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