Boy oh Boy!!!  FINALLY something good…SPOILER ALERT..

I waited, and waited, and WAITED for the Big Brother Live Feeds yesterday.  And THEN………….Da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Our hero emerges victorious!!!

Jeff won POV and I could not be happier! NOW if  they can only save Laura, maybe, just maybe the forces of good can finally begin to fight the forces of evil!

The question now, is Ronnie playing for himself, or for Jessie.  Russell has made a LOT of enemies lately and this is the Rat’s best chance to get out a huge threat.  The only problem is that Ronnie is so enthralled by Jessie (I mean COME ON, even Natalie wants Russell out) that if Jessie tells Ronnie not to put Russ up, he may not do it.  If he does not put Russ up, it just proves my earlier theory that deep in that little rodent heart of his, Ronnies true motivation is to be liked by the “cool” guy.

It would be SOO foolish not to take this opportunity to get out a huge threat like Russell at this time when everyone is hating on him.  By taking him out, you weaken the mighty Athletes. They still have four members, so THINK ABOUT IT!! If one of them wins HOH, there is a diminishing pool of people to choose from.  Russell has already proved that he can win competitions.  What does Ronnie obtain by taking out Laura? No one likes her on the evil side, so she continues to be a target to them.  It is a win/win situation to take out Russell now.  EXCEPT…  then maybe Jessie will not like Ronnie (boo hoo)…

PLUS by puttin Russell up, we are guaranteed to see a LOT of drama!  Russell on the block will be a sight to behold. I predict either he or Chima will go postal!

So……what will he do???  He is either the most wishy/washy player of all time or he knows what he want all along and is playing everyone.  I REALLY can hardly stand to look at him, and as far as LIEdia goes, if she is on the LIVE FEEDS I turn it to a different camera.  She makes me ill..

I do want to give Russell a tiny bit of credit here.  At least he had the common decency to go out last night and sit with Jeff/Jordan/Laura/Casey.  He just wanted to hang out, be calm and talk like people. Because of this, immediately Natalie, LIEdia, and the gang decided he had “turned”.. I LOVED it when he told LIEdia to shut the f** up when she chimed in on something that had nothing to do with her.  That decency may get him kicked out this week.  That is a shame, but hey… gotta have hopes for my girl Laura..

If you haven’t yet signed up for the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS you can sign up here.  Guys, it is only WEEK TWO and the drama is just starting .  Today on the live feeds we find out who Ronnie will put up IF (yeah right) Jeff uses the POV.

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