(Sigh)  Those darn balls!!!  Now we have to endure another week of Jessie’s arrogance and Natalie’s high and mighty bullying.  I really cannot wait for the two of them to get theirs and especially her!

Natalie is just a little brat!  That vote last night?? I mean i realize WHY she did it. To sow seeds of distrust among the other side, but come on.. how long will it be before they figure it out, and besides, she has a very big mouth.

So we have to suck it up and just get through this week… Who will he put up??? I am not sure, but I do know that he has no intention of sticking to the original plan to put Ronnie out. Why would he. With Ronnie here, he has Nat’s vote and Ronnies.  Ronnie has a MAJOR MAN CRUSH on JEssie and Jess knows it, so why not use that..

I believe Jessie really wants to align with Jeff and Jordan. I think he is a little afraid of Jeff and I KNOW he respects him.  Jeff is playing coy with JEssie, and i believe that is the right thing to do.  Jeff wants to talk man to man with JEssie when his little yipping guard dog is  not around.  They have discussed putting Jordan up again, but I don’t think they will do it to her.. (Hope not)  I think their ultimate goal is Casey.  He is on to them, and speaks a little too freely for their liking.

Remember I told you a long time ago that I predicted a big blow up coming between Lydia and NAtalie. Well, my friends I believe the time is getting ripe.  Lyd was complaining to Casey about Nat. Jeff came out and Casey told him.. It’s starting. (referring to the animosity between Lyd and Nat)  I just want the whole truth to come out!

OOOO!  That is going to be some juicy LIVE FEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Going out of town this weekend… See you guys Sunday afternoon!

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