Kevin, Kevin, Kevin….. You let us down, buddy. I really thought you wouldn’t stoop to it.  I really thought you have the integrity to keep making it by playing clean. I am disappointed that Jeff and Jordan are buying it hook line and sinker.. I have a sinking feeling that the BIG CHANCE that we have all been waiting for may slip away.  We have been waiting for the tide to turn the whole game, and we thought THIS WAS IT!! And then this…. If you don’t know about this, here is what happened.. Natalie and Kevin made up this big lie (called the LML-last minute lie)  Nat convinced Kevin to go to Jeff and tell him that he overheard Russ and Michelle scheming to get Jeff out next week. It is a total fabrication, however, Russ HAD talked to Michelle about a F2 deal.  BUT that was before Jeff stood up and saved him from eviction when he used the CDT.  I really believe that Russ, after Jeff saved him, is totally loyal to Jeff at least up until F4.  At this moment, I am feeling a little pang of sympathy for Russ.  He believe he looks up to and (just a little) hero-worships our Jeff..   If Jeff confronts him now with disloyalty, i think it will really hurt Russ. 

I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE they let this go, cool off, and go ahead with the plan to evict Nat this week.  Without Nat around making up these masterful lies, and poking and prodding, I believe that Kev would NEVER have stooped to this level of gameplay.  And of course, Nat did not do it for Kev’s benefit at all.. This does not really help Kev, who was in pretty good shape with J/J/M as it was. Now if they find out he lied to them.. his credibility is dashed all to pieces..  This was for NAT’s benefit, to keep her off the block..   Of course J/J/M WILL have to deal with the Russ situation at some point, but it is NOT smart to do that while they have a confirmed F4 deal with 7 people in the house.. It is WAYY to soon.. You ALWAYS stick to your alliance member over a known enemy until the very end.. Duh.. I think Jeff knows that, and was just upset that Russ would try to pull that after Jeff saved him.. Well, guess what Jeff,, HE ISN’T.. SO CALM THE F DOWN!! LOL

On the other side of the house, while Kevin is out spreading lies, Nat basically tells Lydia that she KNEW all along that Lyd and Jess had had “relations” and that Jess had told her.. Also, quite bluntly told Lydia that Jessie had wanted her-Natalie, and respected her, but since she had a BF and could not have her in that way,  he had settled for Lydia to satisfy his physical needs.. Lydia, playing the victim as usual, just said, yes, but look at him and look at me, what could I have done?? (Implying that Jess was so hot, and she was not).  And Nat said (and This is the funniest thing of the whole night to me..) that Natalie had always thought that JEFF was hot, she never was attracted to Jessie in that way, that he reminded her of Jimmy Neutron..

Anyway.. all we can do is wait out today, where they are supposed to do noms and play POV. Feeds will probably be out quite a while when this is all happening.  HANG IN THERE JEFF!! Do NOT listen to these fork-tongues devils!! No matter what her detractors say, Jordan has a real handle on this game, she knows the people in it, and like a previous poster said.. Has MAD social skills.. Jeff and Jordan—Keep your common sense, it has really helped you out so far..

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