Hey ya’ll!  This will be my second to last blog. I will of course post one more after finale, but I wanted to say here, in case a lot of you guys bail after the show ends…

I have had the BEST time with you all!  We have had quite a few months, huh?  There have been tears and cheers, fights and pep talks all season. I have never done this before, and you guys made it all worthwhile!  You guys obviously know how much  I love BB, and I go into total BB immersion while it is on.. But this year, even if I personally do not think it was the best cast, you all made it the very, very best season for me so far! I say SO FAR, because since they have already announced that there WILL be a BB12, I expect each and every one of you to bring your butts BACK here next season and lets all play together again!  So.. Thank you all so very, very much! :)

Now, on to business…. OK, I have been saying that I want Kevin to win the last part of the HOH comp because I felt like he would NOT take Gnat.  NOW I KNOW FOR SURE!  If you watched BBAD last night, you don’t either..  Kev has been telling Jordan that he was taking her no matter what she decided to do.  I FELT like he really didn’t like Gnat, but was not sure.. Welllll…

Last night he all but “came out of the closet” (LOL) as a Gnat hater!  After he told Jordan that he was planning to take her no matter what, and was just trying to decide if and when he should tell Gnat, Jordan came right out and TOLD Gnat what he said!  Boy, oh boy, Jordo.. Get a clue, baby.. Gnat is the BAD GUY!  She really, really does not see it.. Shame..  Anyhoo, then Gnat flat out asked Kev by the hot tub.. “Look me in the eye and tell me you are taking me”  Kev hemmed and hawwed and would NOT give her a straight answer, and Gnat told him that she would NOT vote for him if he kicked her out.. Unfortunately, it may be the third person’s (Gnat- if it please the BB saints above) vote that decides this..

The BEST BBAD I have seen in oh so many weeks was about 11:30 pm last night (Flashback alert) when Kevin TOTALLY calls Gnat out in front of Jordan for all her diabolical “Azzholeyness” (his words, not mine)  for most of the game.. He brought up a bunch of jerk  moves that she and Jessie pulled when they were together.  Gnat, (of course- she never, ever, ever takes any blame on herself), blamed Jessie for all of the stuff, and said she was just an innocent bystander..  Stuttering and blustering, she did not make a good argument, trying to turn it around on Kevin.

Jordan watched all of this intently. I believe that Kev’s reasoning for this was to REMIND Jordan what a total tool Jessie had been and that Gnat HAD in fact been the instigator for most of that crap.  I sure hope it worked..

So…………. I now have NO DOUBTS on what I hope happens tonight!  I WANT Kevin to win Part 3 of the final HOH, kick Gnat’s sorry, lying, manipulating, open mouth chewing, walking like a little boy, nasty-not bathing, instigating, hiding behind other people getting them to do dirty work, skanky little BUTT right over to the Jury…

THEN.. Let the best person win.. I personally do not care that much who wins out of Jordan and KEvin, as long as Gnat is NOT there… Gamewise, I think Kevin definitely played a better game, and I am still unhappy with the way Jordan treated Michelle. So in my heart of hearts, I am hoping that KEvin wins, with Jordan in 2nd.  But.. I won’t be heartbroken either way..

OK.. I totally got walked in on by a doctor while I was supposed to be looking at x-rays instead of blogging and accidently hit post instead of preview..  So..here is what i missed..

I want to thank a few special people who came into my life during this fun time, who, without their support and intelligence, this whole experience wouldn’t have been even CLOSE to being as much fun as it has been!

Cat and Susan.. You guys are my all time favorite posters! You were the two who I always waited with my breath held to see what you thought.. Your approval always meant the world to me, and getting to know you through your posts was an absolute blast!! I cannot wait for next year to do this again with you guys, and we are going to ROCK that Survivor site!

A whole lot of other people helped to make this site what it is.. The BEST BIG BROTHER SITE OUT THERE!!!  I surfed a few other places along the way, and I can tell you that no other site even came CLOSE to the level of intellegence and class that came from the following posters.. Thank you all so very much and i will miss you greatly!  ashley, june, grammalil, randie loman, diana, cheri, gwen, nicola,  arizona.. I KNOW I am missing some really important posters, and if I have missed you, please forgive me, and know how much your words enriched my experience!

Big Brother Mother, Joey Lee, Fly on the Wall, Charmedbarbi.. You guys did some awesome blogs, and it was a pleasure to be a fellow Diary Room blogger with you!

OK. Leo and Brian.. the Bad boys of the blogging world.. Bend over, spanking time…  Nope… These are love pats.. You both made me think.. and sometimes re-think my views and opinions. Without you two, I would not have had NEARLY as many sleepless nights thinking over what I said, and slapping myself in the forehead when I realized you were right about something and i was a bonehead.. So thanks, guys.. it was a real pleasure debating with you!

DoctormisterMD.. I was among the many, many people who waited for your infrequent blogs..  You made us wait for them, and theywere ALWAYS worth waiting for.. You are a really wonderful writer, and I will miss you!

Killer.. my buddy… I have to tell ya, that I have never had an internet buddy before.. and I want you to know that I treasure our friendship!!  Sometimes it was like we shared a common brain, huh?  AFter I accidently sent my blog, I had to run up to surgery, and I read your blog on the way. IT made tears come into my eyes!   K… You calling me cool, is like the Sun telling the Moon it is bright!   YOU ARE THE COOL ONE!  You were always, always there for us!  You’re writing was always funny, sensible, and RIGHT on the mark!  Yours was the blog I waited each time to read and when I saw it was posted I would fall all over myself to read it.. We had some down times, but no matter what, you and I were always able to pull each other, and hopefully all our readers,  up and go on.. What a team we made, huh????  I love ya, man!!! :)

Matt… I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to do this.  I have never, ever blogged before, and this gave me an outlet to talk about BB and gave a rest to all those poor souls who I always blabbed on and on about it to.. There some fans where I work, but no Fan-Addicts like me.. To be able to share with all of you fellow BB-Addicts was such a pleasure, I cannot tell you, and MATT is the guy who made it all happen!!  BUT YOU GUYS.. Matt, THE GENIUS, has now added the Survivor Site!  I know it is not as emotional a game as BB, but ya’ll come….  We are going to have SUCH A BLAST  with these castaways!!


OK, guys.. Lets hear from all my buds one last time… PRedictions????  Thought?????

I love ya’ll, man!!!  LOL  :)

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