Hi guys!  Watching the live feeds half the night, I am just SOOO amazed that ALREADY week one we have SOOO much drama. In past seasons everyone is still in the honeymoon phase at LEAST in week one!   This season did not have a honeymoon season.  It didn’t take long for the fireworks to get going.  I have to admit, when i first looked at the videos of the new HG’s, I was less than impressed, but they are all so different than their initial profiles appeared that I am amazed!

Last night, Jordan made a heart felt plea with Lydia to really pay attention to what Russell and his gang are doing to her.  Jordan obviously knows that the plan is t0 remove Lydia from the block, put Braden up, then force her to vote the way they want.  I really don’t know where Lydia stands, but on the live feeds (you can flashback on this) around 9-10pm, you can see that Jordan is honest and trying to make her see that Russell will use her as long as he wants, then will toss her like a used Kleenex!  Don’t know if Lydia bought it because Russell sleazies around her, blinding her with his muscles..THEN Jessie (using big words and being EXTREMELY condescending to Jordan) tells Jordan that he and the other athletes tried to get Jeff into a six person alliance with her and Lydia but Jeff never told her.. I do NOT buy that!!! BS!!!  Did anyone hear that??

FUNNY!!  Last night on the live feeds around 01:00ish, Natalie got SOO busted on her lying about her age.  Sitting around the pool, some of the HG’s were talking about trying out for BB, and Natalie stated that she tried out last year.  Laura jumped in with “when you were 17???”  Natalie said “yeah”, Laura said “Hmmm, I had wanted to try out for years, but I was too  young, I had to be 21.”  Silence… Kevin and Laura exchanged several significant glances at that..

Everyone is suspicious of Ronnie.  That sure didn’t take long, as he is not playing a very smart game.  For someone who is a self-described world champion debater.. He folded like a paper napkin when Russell grilled him in the HOH room.  I really hope his true feelings are toward Jordan and Jeff and Braden who have always been truly kind to him.

Actually, Jor/Jeff/Bra have been truly kind to eveyone.. The other nice people in the house, Kevin and Michelle and (so far) Casey are pretty much neutral and are just trying to stay under the radar and out of the drama, which is not a bad move at this time.  I tend to always root for the nice people and I have never been this engaged this early on in the season with people.  That is because, watching the live feeds, I see a bad moon rising already with the mean people winning, just like happens in real high school! 

PLEASE hang in there, nice people!!!

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