As Hurley from Lost would say.. Dude…

What a crazy day!  Do any of you remember a season EVER when there were two MAJOR blowups within the first week?? And such ugly ones?  There is absolutely no excuse for what Braden said.  You can say a lot of things about someone but once you use a racial slur  you are done!  It is out there and no matter how much you apologize, it’s too late.. Braden should (and will) go home this week. 

Having said that, to me, Lydia is pretty much the catalyst for much of the drama in the house.  Jordan said to her during their screaming match on the live feeds “It’s like you are brainwashed or something” referring to her believing her own lies.  I think that is true.  Lydia seems to be the kind of person who believes their own lies.  She KEPT saying she did not know she was coming off the block.  She would NOT hear Jeff’s telling her in a heart felt plea that he HAD cared about her deeply, and that HAD HE KNOW she was being put on block, he would have tried to stop it.

Right now, I think Michelle and Casey are playing the smartest game..

If you don’t have the live feeds ….. You missed one of the biggest blowups I have seen on BB!  Sign up before you miss any more drama!  We are going to have lots of it this season!!!

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