Hey ya’ll.. Last night we saw some life finally breathed back into Jeff.  Michelle talked to him and told him that she really wanted him to stay!  I feel like this is probably just for a vote, since there is no WAY that Kevin would keep Jeff in a split vote.  Kevin is no dummy (except where Nat is concerned).  This is what I want to talk about today.  Since it is almost a certainty that Jeff will go home, (and BTW apparently, according to KEvin, production is really pushing for Jeff to stay), I don’t see a way for that to happen.  I believe, though that if somehow Jordan were to go, that Jeff WOULD team back up with Michelle. Here is why.. Last night on the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS Kev and Nat told Jeff that he ought to get Mich to use veto on him. Then they would vote Mich out! Jeff (and I admire him for this) said “NO WAY!  I would not get her to save me, then stick it up her azz.  You guys can do your own dirty work!” They also told him that he could do it because Mich had been on his side the whole time. He said “No she was with Russell” They said “No! She is for you!” Jeff seemed very surprised about that.  Hmmm

Jordan is trying to go. She got drunk last night, and bawled and squalled wanted to go instead of Jeff, saying he deserved it more than him.  Pitiful… and I actually would like to see hergo… Then possibly Mich could get Jeff to believe her about what a liar Nat is.  Nat has this girl so wrapped, that Jordan is mad at Michelle instead of Kevin for Jeff’s upcoming eviction.. OK?? How is it Michelle’s fault, I cannot say…

Michelle is the ONLY one who sees Nataliar for who she is.. The problem is, she can’t get anyone else to see it.  No matter what Michelle says, Nat comes back right behind her and backtalks all she says and ruins it.  This girl is a piece of work. She can sit down and tell so many lies in one conversation,  totally contradict herself, and not get caught. She literally makes my stomach turn. AND NO ONE  but our Michelle can see it!!

If JEff goes, then Michelle is going to lose the one person who she MAY be able to convice that everything that comes out of Nat’s mouth is a lie.  Jordan is so far in that she will not believe that Nat is a liar until she pushes her over the cliff.  Even then, she will probably be yelling all the way down “I still believe in you, Natalieeeeeeeeeeee!”  This leaves our Michelle, the only person in that house who had not joined the cult of Nat.  She will be hard pressed to win almost every competition to stay. 

Nat has got to GO!!  I don’t see any way of this happening this week. I have gone over and over it, and there is no way. Kevin will not put her up as replacement, because A) He is in the cult, and B) He knows he can beat her at comps.

Nat talks a big talk about how she can win everything. How she has thrown every comp. Now, I think this is a load of horse hockey.  She is TERRIBLE at every competition she has EVER been in. On the other hand, she has not HAD to win. Think about it, this whole game she has not been in any danger.  Now, some would say that this has been brilliant gameplay. I can see where some would think that, but I can’t get behind that. I have never, ever,ever in all the years I have watched BB seen a more abominable person than this little creepy girl. She is more than devious. She is pathological.  Thank the STARS, Michelle can see that,, even if no one else can.  Michelle has TRIED to tell people this, but again, they don’t believe her.  STUPID< BONEHEAD>IDIOTS!!!

So, with Jeff gone, Michelle will stand alone (again) outside the Cult of Nat!  Winning HOH and/or POV is the only way she can make it past next week. IF she wins either, Nat is GONE and I for one will be dancing. This week there is NO WAY!!


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