Hey ya’ll!  Whew!  What an afternoon and evening, huh?  I was at Wal-mart when I got a frantic email from Susan (Thanks SO much my friend) telling me that things were going off the grid in the BB house on the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS following the POV meeting.  Jeff followed through on his threat and took Kevin down and replaced him with Russell. 

Of course Russell exploded and there followed  heated exchange of “You better hope you win because if you come to the JH, I will wipe the floor with you”-Russ and “I will stab you in the neck”-Jeff.   It got pretty childish, and  IMO, Jeff (up on his high horse) went personal pretty quickly, telling Russ that he was a nerd, had no friends in real life, and that he (Jeff) was better than Russ at everything in life. Russ came back with the whole “swearing on your family and killing your family if you break your word” thing, which Jeff states now was just a joke.  I don’t know about you, but it (the swearing part, not the killing family part) sounded pretty serious to me.  Nat runs up to HOH when all this starts to get Jordan who goes off on Russ.  Russ politely tells her that this is not about her, and tells her she is just a lapdog anyway.  The funny part about this to me, is that Jordan called Natalie Jessie’s lapdog, but got totally offended by Russ.  Anyway, this eventually cooled down, and the evening went right on.

Meanwhile N/K look like the cats that swallowed ALL the canaries. Can’t even bring myself to talk about that..(Hello- this is the bad in case you didn’t get that)

BUT.. the true victim in all this (other than poor Russ, who I still believe WOULD have remained faithful until F4- and now really has NO chance, because Kev will NOT vote against Nat) the TRUE victim is Michelle. (The Good) Michelle has had to play this game all by herself this whole time.  Everyone else in the house has had a partner at one time or another. Not our Michelle.  Yes, she has lied here and there when her butt was on the line, but when you are all alone and out there by yourself, and surrounded by sharks, what else are you going to do. She was pretty upset about the POV because she had not been let in on the secret, so that told her what her standing really was with J/J.  OK, but up to now, all this can be technically called “Gameplay” What followed after that, however,  could have been a scene in the movie “Mean Girls”.

Up in HOH, J/J/M- the fab duo barely talked to Michelle, and the second she left, they both started such a tirade against her, that I eventually could not watch any more.  Guys, most of this came from our fallen hero.. He was calling her “smelly”  making fun of her speech patterns, her yawning, the way she BREATHES, and her PINKY TOE for goodness sake. They both said they “Hate Michelle” but will use her and then “throw her away”. Their words, folks, not mine.  Jordan went even more personal talking about REALLY intimate things that I WILL not go into here, and saying Mich’s butt is squishy like a tomato, and ridiculing her “night terrors”.  Now COME ON!! That is LOW, LOW, LOW… Michelle has intimated in the past that something really heinous happened to her as a child and that is why she has these night disturbances.  – (This was the REALLY Ugly)

Guys, I HATE CROW and I REALLY hate to eat it.. But here goes..

I WAS WRONG>>  I SOO wanted a Great American Hero on this season.  We did have one for the greater part of the game, or at least it appeared so.  and I KNOW that the goal is to win the money.  I don’t know about you, but for ONCE, I wanted to root for a REAL good guy.  Maybe Jeff will come to his senses and realize that he has turned to the dark side.  I think it will be WAY too late, though.  Since the probability of Jordan winning HOH is pretty low, he will see what an idiot he was to allow NAt and Kev to stay in the game and totally mind you-know-what him…Those two can’t WAIT to put Jeff up, and are just sitting back eating all this up..  So i will say it again


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