BOY!! I HATE it that i am  at work and not seeing the live feeds !! Apparently there is a MAJOR fight going on right now between Braden, Lydia and Kevin!!! I guess BRaden snapped, went off on Lydia.  According to the updates, it is UGLY, with Braden calling Kevin a “beaner”.. Now, I am a small town girl, what exactly does a “beaner” mean??? Don’t think i have heard the term, but apparently it is derrogatory!! 

Then Lydia had the unmitigated GALL to go after little Jordan for CRYING (for Pete’s sake, she spent two days crying with Jordan comforting her) at POV, but not when she (Lydia) was put up!!! THEN Lydia went off on Jordan for Jeff not defending her before noms!!! OMG!!

Now, sounds like BRaden has sealed his fate, I just hope he doesn’t pull Jeff and Jordan down with him!  AARRGGGHHHH!! They had SUCH a good chance!  As long as BRaden just stayed cute and charming, they might have been won over! DANG!!!

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