Hey ya’ll.  Well, here we are..  (Funereal music) Our girl is gone.  She gave it a valiant effort, and I do hope that what she said in her nomination speech is not prophetic, and Nat does NOT get the votes, I will be sick, sad, and disgusted with humanity.  I am  now officially starting a campaign-what another poster so ably named ABN ( Anyone but Natalie). 

What we have here is a choice of a lesser of two evils.  But first I want to talk about the best, (and really only good part) of last night’s show.   The quite obvious fact that Julie, like most of us, cannot STAND Nataliar…OMG!!!  Could it have BEEN more obvious??   For all of the years that I have watched the show, when Julie talks to the HOH on eviction night, she speaks to them in a friendly manner, asks them friendly questions, etc..  I LOVED it that when Nat appeared on the HOH screen, Julie did not even greet Nat, but only said in a pretty abrupt way  “So, Nat, you have lied a lot in this game” .  The look on Nat’s face was priceless!!!  She was caught completely off guard, probably for the first time!! She looked like…”What???Who ME??? LIED??”  Julie then basically just asked her questions totally related to her lies… That was a beautiful moment in a night of disappointments

So what now?? Well, I guess we all know what happens now. No big surprises in store, most likely.  Kevin “won” the first part of the three part HOH comp.  Jordan, caught off guard on a quick restart of the log, fell off foward at 3 hours 33 minutes.  In an extremely anticlimactic moment, after Jordan goes in to shower and dry off, Nat and Kevin wheel and deal, swearing on the powers of evil, that they will take each other to F2, and with little demons of Hades flying around their heads, Nat drops for Kevin.  Of course, Natalie could have gone all night, she could have beat Michelle, she could have beat anyone on the earth, she is the greatest, smartest, most awesome person in the world, but she decided to “give” this to her partner in darkness.. 

So, poor little Jordan is left with these two and God bless her little heart, I am sending her all our hopes for the next comp. I know, I know, it is so very unlikely, and even if some kind of major miracle occurred and Jordan were to win the second and third comps, she is so fooled by Nat that she would most likely take her with her to F2.  So my hope lies with Kevin…

ABN is a serious campaign!!!  ANYONE BUT NATALIE, folks!  If Natalie wins this competition, my faith in humanity will be shaken.  I will question if black is white, if up is down, if right is now wrong??  To reward behaviour such as this CREATURE (Not woman) has exhibited would be so abhorrent to me, that I will be shaken to my very core. So…..

 I am a little confused on how this vote thing is going..  We are asked to vote for “America’s Favorite HG to win the $25,000″.  That has  historically been what is considered the Jury Vote.  But in this crazy, mixed up season, we are asked to vote for ANY HG (excluding Chima, I am happy to report).  So how is the seventh vote (America’s Vote) going to happen?  Are they just waiting until F2 is finalized then doing a quick America’s vote??? Hmmm….I am coming out strong for Michelle. for the 25 Grand!!    Now, we all know that most likely, Jeff will win this, but lets ask ourselves… WHY???  What did he really do??  He used the CDT to take out Jessie, yes.  But the only other power play he made (voting out Russ) was what led to the breakup of his F4 alliance, ending his, Michelle’s, and Jordan’s chances.  JEFF BELIEVED NATALIAR..  Michelle is the ONLY one who never bought what Nat was selling.. It did her no good, because she had no backup.  Had they listened to her way back when, we would be having a very different conversation today…

We are sitting here, then, in a Lesser of Two Evils situation..  Natalie or Kevin.  Well, they are almost equally culpable in their actions.  For a long time, I had hoped that Kevin would turn out to be faking his ugly actions, but seems not. He really is almost as nasty as Natalie.  i say ALMOST because…… Kevin IS funny.. Kevin is simply easier to tolerate that Natalie.  For me, it is as simple as this…

When I look at Natalie, I want to vomit.  When I look at Kevin, I don’t.  That is it.  For me, that is how I am making my choice.  Vomit, or No Vomit.  Nice, huh??

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