Hey ya’ll!  Well, this is it, bring down the curtain, the party’s over, and it is time to go home.  This ending was, for me, like a piece of cheap dark chocolate. Yes, it was sweet, but for some reason, I can’t get that bitter aftertaste out of my mouth.

 First I want to say that the final three finale idea was a huge bump for all of us.  The build up to and the final HOH comp was edge of your seat, nail biting, toes curling excitement.  I mean heart pounding.. and then…Jordan wins, and my heart sunk… Poor Kevin.. I know, I know, he did some dirty things, but the guy was funny and charming and it just didn’t seem as dirty when he did them.  When I saw him, he made me smile. 

 OK..So now I have to dig my nails into my flesh to tolerate the fact that Gnat made it to F2.  She is sitting there, yes.. But at least now…………. Justification was FINALLY coming..  Yes, the Gnat made it to the Final 2, and as sick as that made us at LEAST she was FINALLY going to get what was coming to her.  That ALMOST made it worth her getting to F2..  So here come the bare knuckle beat down……{crickets}

“Ummm Natalie, what was your best move in the game?”  “Natalie what was your strategy?”   WHAT???  Where was our Smackdown that we had all been longing for lo these many weeks?  Michelle hinted a teensy bit with the “Nat, you are 18 and got engaged question”  Then it just fizzed out.  I KNOW that was an opportunity from the jury for her to  come clean on her own about the age lie, but of course she would not. Jury… You disappointed me SOO much in the questioning.. This was different from previous years.  In the past, each jury member had the time to ask personal questions.. “Why did you do that to me.. etc”.  I guess this was a programming deal, but it sure took the edge out of it for me.

Of all people, my hero of the night/?????  RONNIE!!  Ronnie, my boy, you just redeemed every action you did in that house! You were the only person with the cahones to call her out.  I just KNEW she would not have enough class to use her speech to come clean and tell the truth to the jury.  That was a huge mistake on her part.  But after the votes were in.. The Rat himself gave her the only slam of the evening.  YAY RON!!  The look on Jordan’s face blew me away, and I wonder if, at that moment she could hear the echo of all the times we have screamed at the TV to her…. “DONT BELIEVE HER!  SHE IS A LIAR AND A CHEAT!!”

So, I am glad for Jordan. She did deserve it 100% over Gnat, and hey.. you have to give it to her.. She won the last two HOH comps. She beat KEvin fair and square, and she thought out the jury’s strategy and got it right.  She is no dumb blonde.  GOOD FOR YOU, JORDAN!  I feel pretty bad for Kevin, but, you know, sometimes you reap what you sow..

Well, Gnat won second place and $50,000 dollars. But lets think about that for just a sec.  OK, after taxes, we are talking about $35,000?  That is the cost of a decent car.  OK.  When you balance $35,000 against having literally MILLIONS of people hating you, knowing that you are a liar and a cheater…  Was it worth it?  I don’t see how. And since I could not get the satisfaction of seeing her booted, at least I have the consolation of knowing that, in the end, that money is going to probably sit pretty damn heavy on her..

One more note.. I just want to address the “WILL THEY or WONT THEY” question regarding JEff and Jordan.  My own personal, (and not the most popluar) opinion is this:  They may be friends, and talk and text, etc. But I personally do NOT see any romance for the two of them. If you noticed, she barely paid any attention to him at all at the end of the finale.  Most showmance couples throw themselves into each other’s arms at that point.  Both were quite hesitant when it came to outside relationships.  I think that he was attracted to her physically, but not mentally and she was attracted to his strength, but not sexually.  There just seemed to be some slight kind of chemistry issue.  HArd to pin down.  Anyway, if they do get together..More power to them!!

OK guys.. I did all the mushy stuff in my last blog..  Here is hoping for next season, a different kind of cast.  I want to see some real people.   I personally don’t care if they are pretty. Give me the old, fat and  ugly!  But please, PLEASE let them beWORTHY!!  Let them know this game.  Imagine…..  a WHOLE house full of Ronnie’s.. You scoff.. but, I see it as a beautiful dream that may oneday come true..  Why  can’t normal, non-model materiel people fill that house this time… LET’s SEE A REAL GAME THIS TIME!!

Bye ya’ll!!!!  God Bless and Keep you and yours  safe and happy and I will be waiting right here for you next July!   :)

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