Hey ya’ll!  I love that name.. “Mr. Yummypants” LOL. That is what Chelsia from BB9 calls him, and wow is it apropos!! He is a Q-T-PIE.. But.. you could be the best looking guy on the planet, and if what we see when we watch you SOOO much on the feeds in ugly on the inside, we are DONE with you.  Jeff is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.  Now.. enough gushing because…

How about our little Jordo last night!!!  MAN! She ROCKED that veto… TOLD ya she was smarter than she let on.. There are some out there claiming that she cheated by following what Mich was doing.. I guarantee that every game is checked out beforehand for stuff like that.. Now just gotta hope she steps back and let JEff drive this bus..

I was MAD at him last week.. I was like.. QUIT letting Jordan’s paranoia, or her “Aunt Flo” get to you!  (BTW, did you guys here them talking about Aunt Flo right after competition last night?? I was laughing so hard!).  Now, let’s put last week behind us! Lydia the crazy is gone and is safely snuggled up doing dirty, dirty things with Jessie right now, which is exactly where she wanted to be regardless what she was saying at the end.. Right…

OK, here we are.. Fresh new start.. Do we stick with our F4??? Well, last night in an interview with Allison Grodner, when asked if Russ would put up JEff, she said “absolutely!”.  So.. you gotta wonder what the best move is here.  I say it doesn’t really matter, because on the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDSJeff gave Russ his word, and swore on his family that he would go with him to F4. Done.. AS you know, Jordan also swore on her family, and Russ swore on his “Pops”.  Mich would not swear, but JEff finally asked would she at least swear on her dogs, and she did.. OK..

So, what happens with Nat and Kev on the block?? Those two are going to make a last ditch effort to offer J/J F4 deal.. Won’t work.. So NOW.. comes the big question.  Like misterdoctorMD said in HIS BLOG  will Kevin “come clean” to JEff and Jordan to save his own hide???  Kev at least truly DOES have a conscience.. Lying actually does bother him, where withthis scary, creepy little girl, it does not! For Gnat, lying is as natural as breathing.. I believe he WILL out the lying.. I mean….

 A) It is bothering him..B)It will show that he is a decent person only doing what he had to do, but could not go on with it.  While SHE looks like (FINALLY) what she is.. A habitual liar.

I am not sure, and can someone help me here.. Does KEvin know about the age lie???? What about the green room lie?????? That is some seriously potent ammunition, and the best part of it, is that he gets to throw her under the bus by being HONEST!!  Wow!! New concept for that side…

Let’s see how noms go today, I am really, really confident that we will see Nat and Kev on the block.. LEt’s just deal with that today, then talk later about POV. 

I just want to bask in his Jeffie Goodness for a day or two! LOL

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