Whew.. This season is just wearing me out and it is only week 2.  I think that is what we need to keep telling ourselves, IT IS ONLY WEEK TWO!!!!  In past seasons, power shifts happen from week to week, and all of us need to keep praying that it will finally happen here.  As of right now, the show is like one of those really bad car accidents you pass on the highway. You don’t really want to see the carnage, you just can’t help it. You can’t look away.  However, when I pass one, I always look for survivors. I always pass with a little hope.  That is why I am continuing to watch this train wreck of a season. HOPE…

BEcause, my friends, there is a CANCER in that house, and his name is Ronnie.  In past seasons, we have always had a person a lot of people hated.  Dick, Will, Dan, James.  The difference between Ronnie and all those other “villians” is one thing… THEY had at least ONE redeeming quality..  Dick and Will were a little sexy.  Dan was a nice guy.. etc.. This guy.. he does not have ONE redeeming quality.  NONE.. So.. if what he is trying to do, is be one of those guys, he is sadly mistaken.  America does not hate him.. We DISDAIN him. He is a cowardly little creep who is so starstruck (Russell’s words) by Jessie that he is not playing his own game.  This is going to get him sooner rather than later.

His plan was probably a really good one, although he is not NEARLY as smart as he thinks he is.  He has played his cards WAY too early, and now everyone knows what a threat he is.  I predict his game is done very soon.  IF he had the stones to go ahead and put Russell up, the way he says he had planned (even in the DR) THENmaybe i could have an iota of respect. But he won’t, you guys know he won’t.  He is so enthralled by Jessie (along with Natalie-marriage material, and Lydia-banging material) that whatever His Jessness dictates is what he does.

The only hope is that with this day, MAYBE Ronnie will get his head out of Jessie’s buttcrack and do the smartest move he could by taking out one of the biggest threats-Russell.  If not, I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE the next person who gets HOH has the freakin’ sense to take that freaky little rat OUT of that house, and let’s play the dang game, already!! By taking out Russell, in a surprise move, and saving Laura. He would earn some respect from both sides. The Others might be pissed, but they would respect him.  And our heroes would take him back to the fold with open arms. I believe he really  likes Jordan and was deeply hurt when she told him off. !WAY TO GO JORDAN!!  Laura is a very smart girl and a heck of a competitor!  I want to see both of the girls stay to see some real competition, not this nasty pus-filled boil of a house that we have going on now.

I am just afraid the Hero side is just giving up, though.  FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! HEROES!!!

COME ON BIG BROTHER!!  WE, YOUR LOYAL FANS, WE LOVE  OUR LIVE FEEDS  , But give us something decent and positive to watch.. WE NEED IT!!!

I am going to go on watching the LIVE FEEDS .. I am going to keep hope alive.. Evil cannot always prevail..

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