Hey ya’ll..   Well, I wasn’t going to say much because you don’t have to be a defrocked psychic like me (lol) to know what is going to happen tonight..  From what I have read (no longer can stomach watching BBAD or Feeds) it looks like AG, DR and BB itself have realized (too late) that some of their little “twists” turned this game into a complete fiasco.  I won’t even talk about the last two competitions where supposedly Jordan and Michelle both could not hear properly and had “technical difficulties” while Kevin admittedly could hear and see just fine… Here is what I think that BB intended to happen,, then what went wrong.

Everyone knows that the CBS show gives KEvin a LOT, LOT, LOT of DR face time.  I have been wondering about that the whole game.  His IS really funny in the DR, although not too much in the actual show and feeds.  In any case, I REALLY think that after BB saw that JEff could not be saved, they had their sites set on a KEV/MICH F2.  They expected it.. That is what we (America) wanted.  (Of course a lot of you wanted Jordan in F2, once Jeff left, but come on.. I think most of us knew that was never going to happen.  Without someone to guide her, bless her heart, she is a little lost lamb among wolves.)  Anyway.. I think that by throwing that PB into NAt’s path, and knowing that she would probably choose to give away her veto chance, they assumed Mich would win veto, giving us a N.K.M F2!~!!!!  YAY, FUN, EXCITING FINALE!!!

Nope.. Michelle lost the comp…  Ending our hopes for an exciting next few shows.  Now, you all know i wanted Michelle to win this things, but I would have been perfectly content with KEv winning and Mich making 2nd place… Even with all the BS he got into the last few weeks.. But THIS TRAVESTY we got going on now???  I’m not upset, not at all, I am just like…. who gives a damn??  Why should I even watch?? And as I have previously said.. I ONLY watch the CBS show, just to see this dang thing through and get on with Survivor..

I have never, ever, ever in 10 years if BB history felt this way.  I don’t know about most of you superfans, like me, but I normally get really bad BB withdrawal!  I dont’ know what to do with myself when it is all over for a little while.. Well, not this year.. This ending is not at all like a train wreck, where you know it is a disaster, but you just have to watch.. No, this is more like (to use Killer’s analogy about football),  Your favorite team is losing 52-7 at the end of the third quarter and the stands are completely deserted.  Everyone knows how it will end, and really, WHO CARES…  For me, that is the theme for the next week….


WHO CARES???  (My only Caveat to this, is that I do NOT, NOT, NOT want Nataliar to win…)

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