Hey guys!  First off, from what looked to be, at the beginning, a rather boring season opener, we have been presented with one of the most volatile, paranoid, lying batch of HG’s I believe we have ever had! YAY!! Good TV!!  If you don’t have have the Big Brother Live Feeds you have not even seen the TIP of the iceberg of the level of neurosis in this house!  W…O…W…!

I spent most of the last two days glued to the FEEDS trying to get into Jeff’s head to see if he will use the Wizard Power (I love that they call it that, I think it is hilarious!).  Here is what I think.. YES, YES, YES!!!  He WILL use it!  Jeff knows (and even Jessie has said) that if he does not stand up now, and make a power move, he will be considered a sheep in the house.  He has played very smart so far.  Has anyone noticed that NO ONE is after Jeff or Jordan at this point?? Now, that could be an argument against using it, but lets think more about that.. If he left them the same,Russell goes.  IF he does not win HOH, then no matter what kind of smoke Jessie has been blowing up his butt, he WILL be targeted next.  Jessie will convince everyone to put he and Jordan up because he would be the only one who could beat Jessie in a physical comp.  He HAS to get Jessie out to totally splinter that group.  Chima cannot play for HOH so all these people who have been rallying around her will fade away.  (BTW, on BBAD last night, Chima stated that “Southern people can barely speak English-Has anyone noticed that she only became a big militant feminist when Russell spurned her??? URGHH)  With Jessie gone, that little group does not have any back up anymore.  When they lose their only physical player, they will have to totally regroup.  Chima and Natalie become nothing but big mouths with hot air coming out.  Lydia and Russell are grateful to Jeff for saving them, Michelle will go back to Jeff and Jordan (where I think she wants to be anyway). 

The only kink in the plan, is if Natalie wins HOH.  We all have seen this happen. When the person who got blindsided by losing their partner wins HOH and goes on a revenge spree.  Got to keep fingers crossed on that one.  Even Jessie has said that if Jeff has the power, that this would be the time for him to “grow a pair and make a power move”.  OK, Jessie, I believe his are LOTS bigger than yours, so…..

Now, do I believe that Russell will stay true to Jeff until the end??? ONLY if it benefits him, which it won’t..  He know he can’t win against Jeff in the end, but that is far away, and I believe he will stay true for long enough to take down some of that other side, then will stab him in the back, but Jeff, of course, knows that, and will be watching for it.. Since Jessie told him about Russ approaching him and telling him to talk Chima into replacing Lydia with Jeff.  You can tell that disturbed Jeff, and also, Jessie told him that Jordan knew.  Jeff asked Jordan, and she said that she had not heard that.  I don’t know if she did or not, probably not, pretty sure she would have told him..He needs Russell right now as another target because all of that side will be SOOO TICKED OFF.. So what….. As I said, without Jessie…they are nothing but hot air…

Russ is sowing dissent between Lydia and Kevin because he is not planning to use the POV on her.  I don’t blame her, if my partner had the POV and didn’t use it on me, I would not be happy either.. Knowing how much Nat hates Lydia, and knowing how much influence Nat has on Chima, I would NOT feel comfortable with that.. That will cause future problems between Lydia and Kevin.  Lydia will always go with the guys.  She will NEVER go with the girls, she is not a “girl’s girl”.  Also, how long will it be before Nat finds out about Jessie and Lydia’s little “nocturnal activities”??  I just wonder if Lydia will WANT to be evicted next so she can go spend a week alone with Jessie in the jury house.. I predict she goes postal next week on purpose so she can have a little alone vaca with him…Hmmm..

So, I am coming down totally on the YES side… YES, he will use the power. YES, he will put up Jessie and Natalie. YES, Jessie will be evicted….

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