I can’t believe that in the very first week of the show we have had SO much drama on the live feeds  !! Things seem to be cooling off a little bit now, but for how long is any one’s guess.  In a house teeming with this much testosterone, there is no telling what will happen.  Usually people are JUST now beginning to scam and scheme and they usually just kick out the kook and get on with the game. That is what this eviction started as, but it rapidly escalated!

I love Braden!! He is a mess, and the funniest person on the show!  I HATE it that the gorilla gang is  trying to use him to punish Jeff!  Does anyone think there is any chance he can be saved??  Every time I try to crunch the numbers, it just doesn’t seem possible, even though I think most of the HG’s like him.  PLEASE SAVE HIM!!

I am so very disappointed in Lydia. It is one thing to do what you have to do to save your own butt. Of course she wanted to get taken off the block, who wouldn’t?  But to sell your soul to Russell and Jessie the way she has, when Russ has  said he wants her to be one of the first one’s gone,  once they have finished using her.  She will be tossed out like the trash when they are done with her.  That is sad, when she could have had some decent people to trust..

I think Michelle for one is seeing people the way they really are, but playing the reserved game at this point is very smart!  Russ approached her for an alliance, and she put him off saying she was not ready to really do that yet.. I am liking Casey so far, he seems very level headed and is a great ally for Jeff and Jordan if they can hang in there..

I watched the live feeds most of the weekend, until I was half blind!  It is truly unbelievable how it TOTALLY changed your perception of the game. Even watching on BBAD does not tell even half the story, and if you only watch it on CBS, you have absolutely NO idea what is really going on.  I love the CBS show in that we get to see the diary room and of course, the competitions which we miss on the other venues, but it by NO means tells the whole story!!. 

 If you possibly can, sign up for the  live feeds  and then you can REALLY get the whole experience and talk about it on here!

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