Hey ya’ll.. Remember wayyy back when, on my very first blog, I talked about good vs evil?? I have never claimed to be psychic, (although my mom is always spookily right about knowing stuff ahead of time- so maybe I got the gene?)  but DANG we all nailed this one, didn’t we?? The division in this house has always been pretty clear.  In past seasons, they usually resided in stages of gray, and most of us had our favorites and the love was always spread out on the websites.  We have always had our “villains” and there were always people who loved them. Some of these “villains” even won- e.g. Will and ED.  However, these bad boys had at their core some semblance of honor, a little tiny shred of decency. They were simply playing the game and doing what they needed to do to win the game.  Did they cross some lines?? Oh yeah, they did, but were they evil???? Nope.. But I have come to believe that the two women who are left in the house.. and the “one who left” are, at their core, pure..D..dyed in the wool..bred in the bone.. E..V.I..L..But more on them later.

YAYAYAYAYAY for our golden girl.. Jordan!!  Like Killer said in his blog, maybe this will shut up some of the people who denigrate this sweet, sweet precious girl. She won HOH.. Who cares if Jeff “threw ” it to her. It is hers, she saved them from what could have been a very bad situation arising from the decision by BB to hold another HOH following “the booted one’s” exit.. I want to admit here, that I was WRONG in some earlier posts.. I made  a tactical decision to tear myself away from this riveting drama to go by food for my family, leaving hubby in place to keep up with the situation.. Um.. OK, gotta tell ya, he dropped the ball.. when I arrived back toting beau-coup plastic bags, he told me that they were doing replacement noms and POV. Boy, did I have egg on my face after posting that.. Again, sorry for the misinfo.. But, good again prevailed, and our little Jordo won, so no harm no foul.

Now.. lets talk about the “Biggest Little Liar in Town”- Natalie.  I want to reach into the computer or TV and slap those lies and that smug little grin RIGHT off her face.  To her credit, she is one of the best liars that I have ever had the privilege to witness.. MAN, she is convincing.  She CONTINUES to tell the infamous “green room” lie with such conviction, that I almost believe it.. YEp, she is THAT good.  I really don’t know who Jeff believes about it at this point, but I am getting worried about the new plot that was hatched in the early hours this am.  Here it is… Natalie has convinced Kevin to go to Jeff and tell him that he witnessed Mich and Russ scheming for F2 and getting J/J out!  According to this fork-tongued devil, if you fabricate a story, you NEVER,EVER admit to it. 

Kevin, up to this point, has not really done anything super devious.  I have always really liked Kevin and thought that he was a good guy who just got caught up in a very bad situation that it was difficult to get out of.  Yesterday, Lydia went full out, call the men in the white coats, loony tunes.  After HOH, apparently she went on a major rampage breaking tables outside, slamming doors, SCREAMING, pouring out Michelle’s beers and champagne.  She was slurring her words so bad, that Jeff and Russell asked her if she was drunk.  My opinion is that BB gave her something to try to calm her down.. Um.. didn’t work, guys.. Anyhoo, our hero Jeff, always the voice of reason had FINALLY had enough. Speaking to the whole house, he asked “can’t we all just get along”  This is a game for gosh sakes… Yes, I put Jessie out, but hello.. again.. game… After a loooooooooonng time, and with crazy Lydia in the DR, they made a (fake on N/K’s part) peace treaty.  I gotta tell ya, Jeff got REALLY close to the edge of losing it, and it was a little scary and a little sexy all at the same time. Jeff told them that he rarely loses his temper, but when he does, it is a very, very bad thing. Of course the first thing that Nat did, after all was calm again, is initiate… Operation Lets Made Jeff Lose It.. Won’t work.. Jeff is WAYYY too smart to fall for that BS

So… if Kevin goes through with this new diabolical plan of Nataliar’s.. I am going to lose all the respect I have for him.. Everyone PLEASE send your mental messages to Jeff and Jordan.. Altogether now, lets do it.. JEFFFFFFFFFF  NATALIE AND KEVIN ARE LYING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sure hope it helped!

One more thing.. Even though I cannot STAND Lydia!  Her plan is to act out and cause so much drama in the house that they will send her to her beloved in the jury house. Guess what Lydia.. NOPE!!  They are going to PRETEND (aka LIE- finally some justice) that they are sending you, then vote out Nat—LOL!!!  HOWEVER.. I gotta say it.. She looks darling in that red unitard/Captain Unitard outfit.  If you haven’t seen it yet, JUST WAIT!!  Lydia has dyed her hair hot pink, is wearing a superhero (villain) costume complete with cape and goggles.. No one else could have pulled it off like she has.. No one could POSSIBLY take her seriously in this costume.. IT is absolutely hilarious and OK, I am just gonna say it… ADORABLE!! LOL!!

Lydia, the "Big Brother" superhero?

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