For me, BB always turns into “Good vs Evil”  At some point in the game, the house always divides into these groups in my mind.. Boy, it sure has polarized quickly… 

There is always the core good group, the core evil group, the floaters, undecided, and we always have a weasel!  Well, from what I have seen so far, we already have that..  The “”Gorilla Group” (Jessie, Ronnie, and Natalie) are walking around like they already have won the game.  The core “good” group (Jeff, Braden and Jordan) are in danger.  Just a little bit ago, when in the HOH room, the gorillas were scheming to take Chima off, and backdoor Braden.  With Russell winning POV, and Jessie (or rather his little spokesman-Natalie) gets to decide who to put up..

The good group needs to make sure they save Lydia (IF she will stay true to her word, and not get all distracted by Russells using her), the BIG goal for me, would be to pull Michelle and Kevin into their group!  That would be my main goal.  Michelle and Kevin are floaters at this point. Ripe for someone to pull them into their alliance.  Casey seems to be with Jeff’s gang, and Laura was campaining like a maniac to be the gorilla’s fourth.  She has completely gone over to the “dark side”. Which leaves Ronnie.. I think we have found our weasel!  So far from what I can tell, Ronnie is slithering back and forth telling one group what the other one is saying.  That person never lasts for long.  Eventually you get found out.. Watch out Ronnie, that stuff might fly very early in the game, but at some point you alienate everyone.

I hadn’t expected to have strong feelings on any of these people yet, but as of right now, everytime Jessalie’s faces are shown,i get a sick feeling in my stomach, and everytime i see Jeff, i am like YAY! GO JEFF!! 

That could change, but I don’t think so.. What are you guys feeling???

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