OK, I am first going to say that if you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS, you better jump right on this bandwagon.. If you don’t have them, I cannot TELL you what you missed last night!! Wowzers!!

Now, lets get into it.. The thing about the whole deal that just cheezes me off is that the WHOLE DANG THING was orchestrated by Jessie and Natalie and that ridiculous effin lie they told to Russell about Michelle.  I had said before that Russell was the weak link.. He got totally paranoid and went off the deep end.. The idiot sat up in his HOH room and listened to Jessie spin his stupid tale, and for some unknown dude reason, decided to believe him.. And when the big events were occurring in the house, I just wanted SOOO bad to smack that smirk of Natalie’s face.  HOW CAN THEY BELIEVE THAT PIN HEAD AND HIS LITTLE CHIHUAHA OVER MICHELLE????????

OK, got that off my chest..The best moment in the whole session of fighting for me was when Kevin jumped up and took down Ronnie the first time. To see this beast come out of mild mannered little Kevin was a sight to behold.. I TOLD you guys I really liked Kevin.

I believe the Chima/Russ incident may have stemmed from Russ believing Jessie’s lies about Michelle, but it quickly escalated into a personal thing.  In a nutshell, I think Chima really did like Russell, and then, finding out that he didn’t feel the same, blew her gasket after brooding on it a couple of days. 

The two things that I hate about this whole brouhaha, is that the alliance of four, that people had some hopes for is null and void. I never had any big hopes for Russell sticking, but I still do for Michelle.  I believe that Michelle, once her decision was made to ally with Jeff and Jordan, will stick to that..  The other thing is………..POOR MICHELLE!… She didn’t lie AT ALL (that I saw, unless  I missed something) yet she NOW has a reputation as a liar.. I think they are probably better off cutting Russell as the fourth if he is such a weak-minded player, and replace him with Kevin. This could be called the CHA (Cool Head Alliance).  What do ya’ll think??? LOL

ALL DUE TO NATALIE AND JESSIE’s STUPID  (yet apparently effective) fabrication!! (sorry, almost lost it again, lol) 

Again, you are still able to sign up for the LIVE FEEDS here , and see more and more drama, and OMG, if you missed Ronnie bawling FOR REAL because little Kevin attacked poor mistreated little  Ronny-poo, and “chest butted” him, you missed quite the sight.  I loved Jordan’s reaction when she heard Ron in there just a wailing!! She was cracking up!!LOL

Our Jeff was, as ever….. a rock!  He stood aside and let the craziness crash down, yet stayed close enough in case he needed to step in, in the case of real violence. He finally was the one who pulled Russell out of the house and into the BY to end it for the night.  NOW I hope that when things cool down, Jeff can talk to Russ and say… Come on dude!! YOU REALLY believe Jessie over Michelle???

Fingers crossed!! In any case, Jeff and Jordan were totally playing it cool, and like Jeff said a while back “The will implode on each other sooner or later.”

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