Prepare yourself ladies and gentlemen… Chima the bad witch of the West is GONE!!! Yep, you got it.. The sorest loser we have ever seen has been given the boot!  This just goes to prove that dreams can come true!  I guess that even BB production had finally had enough.  Matt explained the timeline of events.  Chima, after refusing to put on her microphone and throwing it in the hot tub, telling BB to suck a certain part of the male anatomy,, etc,, was shown the door.  I personally hope it DID hit her in the butt on the way out.

The Big Brother Live Feeds confirmed that Chima was out!!! Fellow BB lovers, we have all seen some “villains” before, and we have loved and hated them. This poor, delusional, very, very mentally unstable woman was not one of them.  I believe that this woman was very, very, very ill.  She should NEVER have been allowed a coveted spot on a show that thousands of people have tried and tried for.  All the rumors floating around that Chima has an “IN” at CBS, all the crap that she has gotten away with, all the hatred that she spewed to all of America was for nought.. NOw what happens?/

So now what are we left with?? Well, (thank GOODNESS, we have the fab four- J/J/R/M). I am LOVING Michelle SO much right now! I TOLD you guys that she was solid. No matter what kind of torment she knew she would face, she had the balls (yep, I said it) the BALLS to put up Chima. Chima, who would never have considered in a million years that anyone would have the unmitigated GALL to put “Her Highness” on the block, was put there.  A Weak Woman??? That is what they called her.. Michelle is so far from being a weak woman..In my book she is SUPERWOMAN!!  Russell, who is, as always, the weak link. He will stay true until opportunity knocks, then will backstab as soon as he can.  Jordan, our lovely little southern belle, who COULD win this game just based on who hates who the most. AND our Jeffie.. The hero…. The guy who would not take it anymore.. The one who stood up and said “Nope, the good guys CAN win!”  But now, is there ANY chance that he will?? Just based on who the jury will likely be.. that is doubtful. Man, I HATE that..AND we have Kevin, who, to his credit is staying out of all the childish hiding of clothes, dumping of water on beds, etc.  He is staying to himself and he even tried to get Chima to wear her microphone when she was throwing her tantrum.  I have always like Kevin, but he made some REALLY monumentally bad choices in who he partnered up with.  Natalie the “18 yr old” who gets to do a lot of “underage drinking”- It is SOO bugging me that no one has put it together that she is lying about her age.. and last and least.. Lydia- the crazy, cutting, HJ-giving tattletale who is probably SOOO happy inside about Chima leaving.  She is happy because now Michelle will probably have to replace Chima  and put Lydia on the block and ……………(Trumpets playing)…………….. she will get to go spend that longed-for week with her sweet, sweet love.. (Barf)..

 NOW there will only be six people in the jury house. Now, there will probably be no double eviction, NOW our favorite players will probably have NO chance to win.  These immature haters will NEVER vote on gameplay as has ALWAYS been the way for the past 10 years and 11 seasons.  They will vote based on levels of hatred.  Who do we hate the less?  The person who berated and bullied them?  The person who put up their beloved evil queen?  The “ho” who followed her pimp around? OR the big bad guy who evicted their cult leader??

I am appalled at what has happened this season. I BEG, BEG,BEG BB to THINK hard about casting for next season. Lets put up people who really want to be there. Let’s put up real fans, no MATTER what they look like. Let’s have REAL PEOPLE not caricatures of people!

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