Guys…It finally happened!!!  On the LIVE FEEDS yesterday evening, the Big Game Changing Moment Finally happened!!  MICHELLE CHOSE SIDES!!! We loyal watchers (along with all the HG’s) have been watching and waiting for Michelle to take sides. She has been an effective floater, and has won two POV’s in a row!  She also was the last person standing (swinging) on the endurance comp next to Russ and Jeff.  She has more than proven her worth as a competitor.  She just had not picked a side.. The wait is over!!

Last evening, she (with no prompting) went to Jeff and offered her allegiance to his side.  She asked him what he thought of Russell.  Jeff, cautious as ever, told her that Russ had proved himself as a stand up guy by nominating Ronnie.  I think Michelle might have been a little bit disappointed that her big revelation did not cause Jeff to do jumping jacks all over the yard, but she did understand his reticence.  Then early this morning, she met with Russell, and (WOW) spilled the beans to him about her decisions to not use POV, that she wanted Ronnie out and told him about her PHD!!  Russ in turn told her about his vote for Casey and that he was more than happy to team with her, Jeff and Jordan!! 

Ya’ll, this is MONUMENTAL!!!  Michelle has always been an enigma, and no one knew her true feelings.  I think she made an informed decision because she had deduced that it was very likely that Jeff or Jordan would win the secret power, that they had also become closer with Russ, and were just plain old good honest people that she could trust!  She knew she could not trust anyone on the other side, so the choice was simple, really..

For anyone counting.. that makes this vote… Jess, Nat, Chima????? for Ronnie  and   Jeff, Jordan, Kevin and Michelle for Lydia..


If this foursome stays true (and I believe that Russ is the weak link) we FINALLY have some hope for the future!  If the voting stays fair, and there is no cyberbullying as rumor has had it, we all know that our Jeff will wield the magic wand and get that muscle bound pin head out for good and all next week (as long as he does not win HOH-fingers crossed!).

Then we can see Nat and Chima scrambling for position, and see if Lydia and Natalie tear each other’s hair out, or bond together to try to avenge their sweetheart!! 

OOOO That means the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS are going to be bigger and better than ever the  next few weeks!!  YAY!!!

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