I am SO SO sick of all the Michelle bashing. ESP from J/J!! I mean we expect it from Nat. She is just a hateful person all around, but Jeff and Jordan, when Mich is not around just trash her horribly. They make fun of her looks, her smell, and even her night terrors. That is the worst thing of all in my book.  That is just ugly, ugly, ugly, especially since she plans to  protect them if she wins! Makes my stomach turn. Jordan wont even  talk to her when she is around, but she is so far up Nat’s butt it is unbelievable.. and all the while Natalie is coming after Jeff…

 Poor Mich is all on her own and promises to keep Jordan safe, and Jordan gets mad at her!!!!!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Mich is just trying to WARN her against Nat but Jord doesn’t want to hear it.. Again, STUPID!

I already am for Michelle for F2.  No way she will win, unfortunately.  Anyone that has any sense (which is VERY scarce in that house) should take her to F2, since almost anyone would win against her.  Just because she keeps her opinions to herself, and doesn’t openly tell people exactly what she is thinking they hate her.  I say… KEEP GOING GIRL!!  She never lets them get her down, she just keeps plugging… She flat out tells jordan that she will keep her and Jeff safe, and STILL Jordan turns her back on her, then trashes her, JUST because Mich told her the truth about Nat.  Jordan just does not want to believe her precious honest and truthful friend Natalie would EVER do anything DIShonest!! OH NO, because Nat is SOO honest.. Right..

I almost hope that Nat does win HOH just to finally out herself!  and WHY do Jeff and Jordan get so pissed if Mich is in the same room as Russ, but it is totally fine when K/N spend the whole night playing cards with Russ??

Early this am, Kev and Nat went through all of Michelle’s stuff looking for her gloves. Nat was going to steal them to use in the comp, but they could not find them.. LOL

This season started out as “Back to High School”  well, that is where it is ending, except it is more like Junior High.  Poor Michelle is the outcast brainy girl who no one likes. They basically torture her, and trash her behind her back, and then Jordan just ignores her when she is around her. Ugly, Ugly behaviour. 

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