Hey ya’ll!  Not too much new we can talk about.  Been kinda FF’d through BBAD, but BLAH BLAH, BLAH.  I mean really, how many times can you STAND to watch Nat bashing Michele, Jordan spilling her guts and ALL her and Jeff’s strategy .. I am SOOOO ready for Finale Night!! I am excited about how they are going to do it for the first time.  I am going to tell you what I think, and it may not be the most popular view, and YES, I admit, it comes from a place of hate, but the more I watch BBAD and read about the feeds (can’t tolerate watching), here is what I hope.  I hope Kevin wins Part 3 of the HOH comp.  YES, he is almost as culpable for some of the lies that came down the pipe towards the end, but ya’ll I now have  NO DOUBT that if Jordan wins third part, she will take Gnat.

  I just can’t stand to think that Gnat will get into F2!  The fact that Jordan still thinks that Gnat is a sweet, caring person just sticks in my craw.  For that, and for that alone, I HOPE KEVIN WINS PART 3!!  Kevin, I truly believe, will take Jordan and evict Gnat.  THAT is the moment that most of us have been waiting for all season, and I think that our only hope of seeing that nasty smirk wiped off Gnat’s face for good and all is if Kev wins part 3and sends her sorry, SORRY butt to the jury!  She is SO certain that she is going to F2, no matter who wins, and I cannot WAIT, I tell ya, to see the look of comprehension dawn on her dirty little face when she realizes that she will not one red cent out of all her nasty lies, cheating and deceptions. 

Also (now don’t hate on me, because I really like Jordan) but between the two of them, you KNOW that Kevin played a better game.  Jordan is STILL trashing Michelle to Gnat, and, actually the only person Jordan evicted was Lydia.  I mean, what good did that do for anyone, except Lydia?  She got her wish, to go spend a week alone with Jessie in the JH.  It did nothing in the game.  It was Jordan who talked Jeff into trusting Kevin and Sweet Gnat, and hello… ruined his game.  I very much want Jordan to win the $50,000, I think it would change her life and that of her family’s, but I have to declare that, since if she is the winner of the third part of HOH , and she would take Gnat to F2, I am for Kevin to win Part 3.  Whatever happens then, I will be happy because Gnat is DONE!

So… Yes, I am hoping for a Kevin victory in Part III!!  AND this IS coming from a place of HATE against Gnat!

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