The first few blogs that I wrote, I mentioned that the house was making me tired.  That was a “this is giving me a sick stomach and depressing me” tired.  NOW I am tired because I am so keyed up with excitement all the time.  Several of us bloggers.. Matt, Killer, doctormister and several others told you guys to hang in there with the LIVE FEEDS and if you did not have them to GET THEM NOW!!  There is still 6 (?) more weeks of this stuff, and you better hang on, because it is just going to get bumpier from here on in.

Ronnie leaving is not going to affect the level of drama in the house. Did everyone notice that for two days he stayed in his room and quiet and STILL, the level of drama in that house escalated hourly! I do believe this is the “fightingist” house we have ever had.. (YAY!)

That debacle “house meeting” yesterday, did nothing in my eyes, but confirm to Jeff and Jordan that Russell is too unstable to be considered any kind of long lasting partner in an alliance.  He did embarrass Michelle, but I think in the end, she got the winning side of that.

OK, so ASSUMING that Jeff has the mystery power.. The Roach (I refuse to call him the rat, he does not deserve it)goes..  HOH comp… Jeff has to try to stay in it long enough to make sure that Jess or Nat do not win it. THEN he can throw it and let the chips fall where they may. IF not, then, I would LOVE to see him put up two pawns. He could say that he was putting up…say.. Chima and Michelle for causing drama. That would make him look as though he was really weak, not going after the big targets.  Then, as long as Jess doesn’t win POV………….BAMM he takes the pawns off and puts JEssie up against Natalie.. IT is a WIN/WIN situation, because whichever one of them goes, it is a very good thing…

OK, so what are you guys hopes for tonite???  I can’t WAIT to see JEff’s reaction if he is the winner of the power!


ps-That asinine rant of Ronnie’s this morning, totally egged on by Natalie, did absolutely nothing but put a target on Nat.  They were trying to convince J/J/K/L/M that Ronnie had the power, so he started turning on the lights on them while they were sleeping, slamming drawers, etc. He and Mich got into it BIG TIME!!  The only reason if finally stopped, was that Jeff had had enough, and let them know.

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