Hey ya’ll.. As much as I would like to see Nat go this week, and Russ be saved, JUST so we could have us a good old fashioned cage match fight to F4, I don’t think we are going to get it. No matter how much Kev and Nat mouth off about a hinky vote making Mich look bad, they  won’t do it.. Too risky..

So, what now on Thursday.  Well, I can tell you from experience that I believe we will NOT see an endurance comp this week.  I love Big Brother (obviously) and have watched for 10 years and 11 seasons.  No matter who my fave was in every season, I just wanted the game played out fair and square.  Yes, BB does skew certain people in certain ways and they also stage certain comps to the advantage of certain players, we have all seen it.  Why waste a good endurance comp on the people left without JEff?  No, they will wait and hope Jeff makes it through the week,  and the NEXT comp should be endurance.  Allison Grodner herself said in an interviewthat “this season we have the most popular player we have ever had.”  Up until the last couple of weeks, that title was justified.  So I do not think we will see JEff go this week.  I am still not completely off team JEff, but I have replaced him with Michelle for captain of that team.  I just want Jordan to be sidelined soon. HEre is what I would like to see happening this week..

Kev wins HOH (he is due) he puts up Jeff and JOrdan  (this will out Nat and KEv’s true intentions after promising Jeff they would not put him up.. notice i said him.. He made a deal for himself ONLY, not Jordan).. Michelle wins POV (she is due, too)  takes JEff down.  Kev has no choice but to put Nat on the block.  This leaves the voting to Jeff and Mich.  Now, what does Mich do??? If she votes with JEff and saves Jordan, then Nat is gone,, HALLELUEIA!!  /But… and hang with me on this.. IF she votes to evict Jordan, then as long as she can get JEff to understand that she had to because neither of them would have won against someone that everyone in JH loves, then she and Jeff can team up against Nat for the next comp, leaving the F3  Mich/Jeff/Kev.. I could certainly live with that.. What about you guys????

OH yeah.. meant to mention this a while back.  I understand people coming on this show, trying to get into show business or acting or whatever, HOWEVER, I personally am always gonna root for the average joe. The person who has to go back to their mundane little jobs when this is over.  Of course if they win, they could likely have more choices regarding their jobs.  Just saying that when all this is over, win or not, Mich is going to be going back to her lab rats, finding cures for cancer, and paying student loans. We can all relate to that. 

(PS- While watching THE BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS  if I don’t see some changes back to the Old JEff after these last disastrous couple of weeks, I am going to have to replace him as second with Kev.. Hoping he comes to his senses.. Jordan.. nope, through with her..)

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