Every houseguest starts with a strategy, this most likely changes when you first get into the house, and again as you start to make friends.  Some strategies are better than others and some have been tried and true and other have been tried, and tried, and tried, and never actually work.  This is a game of lying, manipulating, and conniving…who can do it best?  We will just have to wait and see.

The biggest strategy mistakes this season so far have been; Rachel and Brendon’s showmance, this has put a giant target on their back that no one is willing to give up.  Annie’s attempt to throw Brendon under the bus to keep herself in the game, that showed the houseguests that she is vindictive and no one wanted that in the house.  Matt’s idea of offering himself up as a pawn, that blew up in his face when people saw that he was simply playing every side of the house.   Andrew’s reaction to Rachel’s HoH win, people really started to wonder what was going on with that, as well as, who is he with?  Monet and Britney talking alone all the time made them clique-y and a huge target.

A few great strategies have been; the brigade, keeping it a secret but still having it in general is a good idea that could take all four of them pretty far.  Hayden’s attempt to keep him and Kristen a secret is a good idea, in the fact that it isn’t the giant target that showmances produce. 

Then the biggest question becomes…Is no strategy a good strategy?  Britney, Kathy, Kristen, Ragan, and Andrew…what are they doing?  It seems as though they are trying to lay low and stay out of the radar but as we have all seen in the past, floaters get picked off one by one because this is a game that you have to fight for, not willing to fight? Bye!!  But maybe that is an alliance in and of itself…are some of them in it for the long haul together?

The strategies will change and hopefully the bad ones will get better and the nonexistent ones will begin to show face.   However, as usual, the bad ones may prove to be each person’s final demise.  I hope a few of the floaters blind side the rest of the houseguests and get some of the stronger players out…but until we know the new HoH, we have no idea where the house will be turning next!

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