After the first week of Big Brother 12 we have seen the power tables get turned and the first twist stopped in its tracks.  However, there are still 12 houseguests remaining and each of them needs to be looked at very closely. 

Andrew seems to have only annoyed houseguests and made a bit of a target out of himself.  He has been very outspoken about the saboteur to the point where the others began to think it was him.  His passion for his religion may make him more likable by some.  He has not shown distinct loyalty and I feel he can still be used as a swing vote.   However, I think he has the potential to be someone who is his own worst enemy.

Annie, as we all know, has been evicted.  However, she still should be talked about.  I pegged her as the saboteur very early due to the X’s on the memory wall.  I think her eviction was a mistake however her tactics to try to stay in the game are obviously what sealed her fate, no one wants someone in the house who is that openly vindictive.  She did make a great saboteur and I am curious to see how Big Brother keeps the twist going. 

Brendon is a very strong player both physically and mentally.  His main strategy to keeps his brains out of this have been shot down by Annie but I think he can get past that.  He is a huge threat to every other guy in the house and it is good that he is seen that way.  However, he needs to be careful how far he lets people leech onto him while he does all the dirty work.  I am not sure he has the best strategy in the house and he seems too confident.

Britney needs to watch her mouth and how she plays both sides.  This is not a game where you need to be liked by everyone, in this game you must choose sides and be careful which side you choose.  She may have lucked out this time by not being completely exposed as a leak of information but I do not think she is one to be trusted with much of anything.  It is not easy to see where her loyalties lie. 

Enzo is trying to run everything.  He is obviously a leader and is very clearly taking that role.  He called a lot of the shots last week and once people start to realize that he will be a giant target.  He will not be easy to get out and it needs to be done very quickly, he is manipulative and has the ability to go to the end, unfortunately.  I hope the rest of the house realizes this quickly.  His alliance is a strong one and has done a good job of keeping themselves hidden.  This will not last long, people will notice who is hanging out with whom. 

Hayden had the hardest job, HoH on the first week is not easy.  He did a great job but I wonder how much of what he did was actually his own doing.  It seemed like he was being pulled by the alliance and controlled by it.  This alliance is very clearly the typical first week alliance; people want to be friends with the person in charge.  I believe he has a target on his back because the blood is on his hands and I think he has a lot of patching to do to keep himself safe this week. 

Kathy has not been in the forefront very much.  She has proven to be one of the weaker competitors which may be related to her age.  I have not seen much strategy from her, but that may be her strategy.  She does not strike me as someone you want to make your enemy, she seems like she would hold a grudge.  Personally, I don’t trust her and I hope the houseguests feel the same way.  I would like to see her come out a bit more so that America can figure her out, no one likes floaters.

Kristen, wait, who?  I have forgotten that she even exists a few times.  She is never seen and hardly says anything.  That trait cannot last much longer, this lay low strategy often comes back to bite them in the butt.  I hope she is given the chance to show who she is and that she actually cares about this game. 

Lane may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I think that is a front of his.  He has made some very good moves and has aligned himself with a very good group very early.  He is also very clearly a strong competitor however he has not made any enemies.  He is rather close to Britney and that may cause a problem later down the road.  He seems very likable and if he continues to keep the target off his back while still playing a good game, he has the potential to go very far.

Matt is awesome.  The fact that he is keeping his intelligence level out of the competition is probably one of the smartest moves he could have made.  He needs to stick with that and not pull a Brendon, once one person knows a secret it is massive blackmail in this house.  He is also part of this strong alliance and that can work for him, he has the ability to be an amazingly strong competitor and he is doing a good job of not making that entirely obvious.

Monet has managed to lay low while still being very well known.  Her main game play is not well known but she does hold her own.  She is not a floater and has made that very clear but not in an intimidating way.  She does come across as having an inner temper that may come out later in the game and that will always cause problems.  She can stay in this game if she keeps her head on straight and thinks two moves ahead of every decision she makes. 

Rachel comes across as a dumb blonde.  She is very bubbly and very much about her looks.  She has made a good move by attaching herself to Brendon and he will take her with him.  However, she has already made that strategy of hers very obvious and the houseguests have figured it out.  No one is ok with how close the two of them have become and it will be interesting to see how her HoH plays out.  I am interested in seeing how many of her decisions she makes on her own and how many are clearly planned by her showmance.  She has a target on her back and it is only growing.

Ragan is also laying low.  He is making his presence known but not growing a target.  I think he is still impressionable and may prove to be a possible swing vote.  He seems to have a very strong personality and that will probably be a downfall of his, strong personalities often lead to loud mouthing and fights which obviously place you on the wrong side of the chopping block.

Each houseguest has made a mark on this house and on the viewers.  However, it is very common for each of these descriptions and impressions to change on a dime.   This is a house full of very different people who are doing a pretty good job of meshing together for now, let’s see how long that lasts!

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