People need to learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others…this is obviously not applying in the Big Brother House this season.  We have seen so many things go wrong when they shouldn’t have even happened. 

                Brendan and Rachel should know by this season that making a showmance that obvious is simply asking for a target, and yet, they did it.  And it is starting to semi back-fire…tension has been growing between those two…I hope it ends!

                Andrew tried to get everyone to like him by exposing everyone’s secrets…didn’t Annie try that at her eviction plea?  Didn’t it NOT work?   At all?  Seriously?  What good did he think he was doing with that?  He also made the mistake of fighting with Kristen, when you are on the block it is rule number 1 to stay low. 

                The entire house is making the mistake of “everyone hates them, they will be easy to get out later.”  HELLO?!?!?  Evil Dick?!?!?!  Seriously houseguests?!  What is wrong with these people? 

                Matt is slowly sealing his fate with every little mistaken move he makes.  The only good things I see in this house is the hiding of the brigade, the original hiding of Hayden and Kristen, and the mostly low drama attitude of everyone. 

                However, I am glad Andrew is out because I am never in favor of floaters, I think Kathy, Kristen, Regan, and Britney need to step up their game by like 6 notches.  Brittany can make a friend in Rachel and she should, and fast. 

                I think Rachel is gunning for Hayden and Kristen, I think she should be gunning for Matt because of his stupidity however she has no reason to.  I would like to see Kathy be the saboteur, I want to know what is up with this whole lifelong friends thing, I am very excited for Pandora’s Box, and I want to know why the evicted houseguests are in sequester…but I guess CBS always has something up their sleeve.

                As usual the house is full of questions and the fans yelling and screaming and frustrated…this season is rather mundane and I do hope something starts to make it a lot more fun to watch. 

                But for now we can only hope that these next few twists really shake up the house…

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