This is exactly what this season has needed.  The cat fights, the crying, the screaming, I am sorry but Big Brother is supposed to be about Big Drama!  The saboteur is back and that is freaking the houseguests out and putting them on edge, everyone is ecstatic about Brenchel being broken up, tensions are high and emotions are even higher.  As for those of us outside the house, we are on edge wondering if the house will be able to get both of them out one after the other, what about a possible double eviction, or a houseguest returning?!  How sweet would a double eviction one-two punch, Rachel-Brendan OUT be?!  I have to commend Brittany for what she said to Rachel about the POV.  She has absolutely no reason to use it and it would very seriously hurt her game play to do so.  As of right now I think both of them are going to blow up and self destruct, I don’t know who should go home more!  If Brendan leaves, Rachel will cry and sulk and scream and complain.  If Rachel goes home Brendan will sulk and hide and probably attempt to make alliances.  I think it would be more entertaining to see Rachel in the house alone, we all know it will only last one more week anyways. 

Now then…about the POV ceremony.  Rachel attempting to give away the $5000 is ridiculous.  And Brendan’s attempt to throw Brittany under the bus is BS…nobody is going to believe that she attempted to get Matt and Regan nominated.  These two need to go and NOW.  I really don’t even care in which order.  However, that was a very safe saboteur move, he needs to do something a bit more fun!!

I am actually now rather excited to keep watching, eyes peeled!  What do you guys think is going to happen tomorrow night?  Which CBS twist do you think is coming?  Let’s get as excited about Big Brother as we have in the past…thank god!!

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