As we have all heard last night the house flipped, and had a vote of 6-4 Chima out. (Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Michele, Casey, and Ronnie VS. Kevin, Lydia, Natalie, and Russell.) However we have the most annoying game player ever….RONNIE!! Right now on the feeds (12:40 BBT) Ronnie is in the nice bedroom talking with everyone saying the vote will be 5-5. Meaning Ronnie has switched sides…or has he? This is my first year with the feeds so I have been watching basically 24/7 besides sleeing and Ronnie annoys me to no end.

The reason he is annoying me is because I never know what side he is actually on. He is playing both sides and is giving no clue to what side he is actually on. I hope he is on the side to keep Braden, but since it is Ronnie and it seems he is scared to death of Jesse and Russell I have a feeling his is going to make it a tie. At least once he votes to keep Chima everyone will know he has been playing both sides and will be on his way out soon after.

I just cannot wait for Ronnie to go home. My least favorite people are the people that play both sides. I am just hoping he keeps his loyalties to the good side, and not the evil side. Please Ronnie be sent home next week!!

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