Last night’s episode made me so angry that I wanted to throw my TV out the window. Not only did Ronnie The Rat go back on his word to Michele, Jordan, Jeff, Laura, and Casey but he also won HoH! Now Ronnie will have to choose a side and stick to it. Peronsally, I think that if Ronnie wanted to play both sides, he should have let Michele win HoH. Now that Ronnie is HoH he has to choose two people to nominate and I honestly have no idea who he will put up.

My hate for Ronnie has become greater. He didn’t just go back on his word to vote Chima out, he is also still lying saying that he voted Chima out and that Michele is probably the one that backed out. At least Laura sees right through him and knows that Ronnie is lying.

As for who Ronnie will put on the block I have a feeling that he will put up Casey and Kevin after watching the feeds last night. I think he will put up Kevin just because Kevin isn’t close to either side and it won’t piss off either side. I also think he will put up Casey because Ronnie exploded on him for the smallest thing. Casey wasn’t even being an ass to him or anything.

All I can hope for at this moment is that Ronnie finally realizes that he is on a side that will not support him. So he will put up Russell and Jesse, and if one of the meatheads gets taken off the block by the POV thanhe should put the third meathead up…Natalie.

Well this week will be lots of fun to watch on the feeds, its a shame people only see parts of the fights that CBS wants people to see, so if it is possible try to get the feeds. It is my 1st year with the feeds and I love them!!

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