So everyone the season has offically started, and right as the feeds were turned on we found out who is on the block, and the Jesse is already trying to find out how people are voting.

We found out tonight that Jesse was the mystery houseguest (GREEEAATT!!, NOT!) I seriously cannot stand him, and how much he loves himself. I think the competition was rigged towards the athletes, knowing that Jesse would cause drama in the house, that us viewers love to watch. But seriously could they not find anyone else that started drama that wasn’t him!! Whatever, there is nothing we can do, and I will still watch no matter what.

When the feeds started there was natalie, and Laura at the kitchen eating. They twisted the camera and I could tell that Chima’s key was missing, and everyone else had their keys in their slots. So right away i knew Chima was on the block. I guess her laugh got on Jesse’s nerve. But I find he one of the least threatening players in the bunch, but that could just be me. Then about 20 minutes, maybe longer, Lydia and Jordan were in the spa room relaxing and Lydia announced that she was on the block. So it looks like the meat head Jesse put Lydia and Chima on the block.

Then after like an hour into the feeds Jesse asked Braden who he thinks he is gonna vote out. How would he know?!?! The veto competition hasn’t even taken place yet. The nominations could change. Then at about 1:35 (eastern time) Jesse told Chima that she is fine, she has the votes. Isn’t the eviction ceremony on Thursday? The entire house could change by then. It looks like Jesse still has no idea that people do not do what they say they’re going too.

Well we will find out who wins the veto soon. Hopefully Lydia wins, or someone wins that will take Lydia off the block. I really like her and would hate to see her leave so early in the game. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jesse leave this Thursday…to bad he is HoH. Maybe we will get lucky next week. Well this looks like this will be a very good season, my qualms about it being boring were proven wrong. Thanks to Superpass and Showtime for supporting the live feeds otherwise we wouldn’t know any of this. This is my first year with the live feeds and I can already tell i will basically be infront of my computer all summer. It will deffinetly be worth it, so anyone who doesn’t have the feeds go suscribe now. Who doesn’t wanna know who is on the block early, who wins the competitions, basically getting the insight on the house before ANYONE else knows.

UPDATE: Supposedly, as of now, Chima has 5 votes FOR SURE: Ronnie, Michele, Laura, Natalie, and Russell. But Russell has also told Lydia that he will vote for her. Soo there is already lying going on in the house (I should have known) but Jesse and Natalie are telling Chima she is safe FOR SURE. Ronnie also seems to be close to Lydia, so I honestly do NOT think Chima has the votes she think she has. Also, I am pretty sure that Jeff, Lydia, and Jordan are in an alliance, and if they aren’t in an alliance they are just good friends.

Thanks everyone for reading. This season is off to a great start with all of these twists. Hopefully Big Brother has more twists up their sleeves.

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