Hey everyone! This is Hunter, and this is my first blog…ever. So please give me some feedback on my writing so I know what I should keep doing, and what I shouldn’t do. Well I am going to play the interviews from both the guys and girls, and write here while the video is playing so all of you guys get my first impressions on them.

Ronnie: My first impressions on Ronnie is actually quite different than i would have expected from his bio. From his bio I had the impression he would be REALLY geeky, and there is no denying it, he is, however I think people will like him. He seems very likeable and even funny. Hopefully for him he isn’t too geeky, and people will get annoyed.
Casey: Personally, I do NOT like Casey. He, for some reason, reminds me of Adam from BB9. His voice is weird like Adam’s, he acts weird like Adam. I don’t know, but I do not see me liking him. I also don’t see him getting far in the game, but most people didn’t see Adam getting far and he won BB9, so we will see what happends.
Braden: Braden was very laid back, and he will probably be liked by most of the girls, unless he is full of himself, but I did not get that vibe from him. I see Braden either going really far, or being evicted the first two weeks. It all depends on how he acts around different people, and how well he competes.
Jeff: I actually liked Jeff right away! I don’t know what it was, but I do see him being one of the Houseguests to go all the way! But, to make it all away he might wanna change his whole “My strategy is to have no strategy” I just don’t see that working. But, like I said, I think he will make it far. He seems to be a people person, and I’m sure he will be good in competitions.
Kevin: I have mixed feelings about Kevin. I kinda like him, and he probably will be BEST friends with the women in the house. But, he also seems too bitchy to make it far in the game. He reminds me of April from BB10, and he will probably cause a LOT of drama, which will start to piss the other houseguests off.
Russell: With Russell, I honestly don’t know what to say. He kind of reminds me of Jessie from BB10, but I don’t know if he is as full of himself, lets hope not cause i could not STAND Jessie. And the hole story about him getting his nick-name in the showers with other guys, what was that all about. I bet Ross was like “Ohh I wish i could have been in the showers with you”

Chima/Shima/Chema: I don’t know how to spell her name because everytime I see it is spelled differently. Now her big personality probably will not get her far in the Big Brother House. People don’t like to hear it how it is to their faces. Most people will probably get sick of her and vote her out, and I also have a feeling she will also cause a lot of drama in the house. We will see.
Jordan: Jordan is one of my favorites by first impressions. She seems to play both sides. She is the nice girl from a small town, and at the same time she is a girl that cares about her looks…maybe to much after those implants. She does seem likeable though and I think that will get her far in the game.
Michele: She was my favorite from reading the bios and she still holds the spot as my FAVORITE person this year. She is the perfect package; funny, beautiful, nice, and, best of all, smart! Her job will be a huge asset in the Big Brother House. Especially since she is a research scientist. I think she will sit back and watch the other houseguests, she’ll know who to trust, what people are thinkning, and probably be awesome at all of the mental competitions. GO MICHELE!!!!
Natalie: Well there isn’t much to say about Natalie. She is very small and short, just like her interview so I didn’t get much out of her. Except that she thinks she will be the winner, but sorry to say EVERYONE thinks that.
Laura: Again, mixed feelings. She seems to be a GREAT competitor, but I don’t know if thats just show, or if she will actually be like that once she gets into the house. However, at the same time she seems like Jen who was more worried about her self image than anything else. She does seem like she will be a great deciever though, and she just might make it far.
Lydia: Again, one of my favorites in the house. She just seems like a lot of fun to watch, and I believe at the right times she will add drama to the house that we all love to watch. She also seems down to earth and much nicer than her image shows.

Well those are my impressions on the new Big Brother 11 houseguests. I can not wait for the show to start, and this is my first year ever to have the live feeds and I can not WAIT to watch the houseguests 24/7. Well Have a nice evening everyone and just remember less than 6 days away!!!!!!!

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