Who is excited for the new season of Big Brother? The house is gorgeous, and we know the faces of who we will be watching for the next 3 months. However, how do we feel about the people entering the Big Brother House this year? Every year we have our mix of brats, rats, and just plain-joe’s.

The 39 year-old Orthodox Jew. He considers himself “Stubborn, spontaneous, and sneaky.” Hmm… sounds like qualities of a saboteur. He also states that he will not show true colors from the beginning, but instead lie from the beginning. Previous Houseguests have tried lying from the beginning, and sometimes it works, like last season’s Natalie, she got to the final 2, but other times it will blow up in their face. My personal opinion about Andrew is that he will be an average Joe who won’t get that much air time. He doesn’t make it onto my top favorites by his first impression.

The 27 year-old, hot bisexual. She is, for the guys, definitely eye candy. She claims that when she enters the house, she is not going to reveal that she is bisexual to begin with, as that would give something for people to judge her with. I agree, and consider that a smart choice. She considers herself to be “over dramatic”, hopefully that does not hurt her in the game, but even if it does, over dramatic people cause fights in the house that we all love to watch. She does seem somewhat sneaky, and could also be the saboteur, but I hope not. I am cheering for Annie to go all the way to the end. She is my favorite woman this season so far. However, the “Hot Girl” never makes it to the end.

The 30 year-old swim coach and physicist. Brendon has made my top 4 favorites. He has the muscles to win endurance and physical competitions, but what he will not let people know is that he is getting his PhD. and that obviously means he has some brains in that head of his. This means that he could be a threat in all types of competitions, and keeping that hidden is crucial to his stay in the house. However, he will have a target on his back from the beginning due to his physique and may not be able to stay long enough to show how he is in competitions.

My other favorite girl of the season. The youngest Houseguest this season at 22, she has been a fan since the beginning, she claims. She has that sweet, country charm that we saw from Jordan last season. However, unlike Jordan, Britney definitely has a dark side to her. She will not hesitate to backdoor or backstab anyone in the house. She knows how the game works after watching it forever and knows that if you don’t do the backdooring or backstabbing someone will do it to you. She also considers herself “Manipulative, sarcastic, and opinionated.” Being manipulative is the only trait that will get her further in the game. The other two, however, will only get her in drama and piss people off. Hopefully she is able to put a filter on what she says for the time being.

The 32 year-old member of the Italian Mafia. My first impression of him was, and still is, distaste. I really do not like him. He sounds stupid, his gestures are ridiculous, and his nickname “Meow Meow.” Is he a cat?! This is definitely biased, but I really do not like Enzo and I hope he is gone the first eviction. I don’t know how much I will be able to deal with him on the feeds or on the show. He even considers himself obnoxious, which is an understatement. But also, I think he will remind me of Jesse. He has that whole “I-am-the-best-damn-thing-ever” attitude.

The 24 year-old college student/snowboarder/baseball player. His looks will get him on the good sides with the woman in the house, but he reminds me of Braden from last season. The carefree outlook on life. Which may hurt him early on, just like it hurt Braden. He also seems in shape, and may be a contender for the physical competitions, but I think he has no place in mental competitions. I don’t think he has a lot of brains under all that hair.

The oldest Houseguest this season at the age of 40. She is a sheriff and a cancer survivor. Because she is the oldest, I have a feeling she will me the most mature and probably won’t cause all that much drama. But at the same time, she looks like a diva, and may cause some like Sheila did in season 9. Her strategy is to have fun, and it will change daily… doesn’t sounds like a good plan if you ask me. But having a plan going into the House always fails.

The 24 year-old boutique manager. I believe she will be the drama starter of the season. She looks like she is conniving and mischievous and will probably be the one revealing everyone’s secrets to the opposite side and watch people go at one another while she sit backs and laughs, well until they figure her out and then they all team up on her. But, she may also be a major game player, and could make it far. It all depends on the circumstances that change yearly.

I do not know much about this 24 year-old oil rig salesmen. He looks like a very close-minded, masculine conservative who will not be able to deal with gays/bis/or liberals. I don’t really like him, he seems to boring and much like Andrew, I don’t believe he will get that much air time, which I am not against. The only threat he poses as of now MAY be the physical competitions, but I think some of the Houseguests have him beat there.

My favorite guy of the season. This 32 year-old web designer claims he is smarter than almost everyone. His appearance doesn’t give that away, but I know from personal experience that there are people who have brains without being a nerd. He seems like he will be fun to watch, and reminds me of Big Brother 10 winner, Dan. He seems like he would be able to orchestrate people in the house to do his bidding, much like Dan did to Memphis and other Houseguests. I hope he makes it far!

The 24 year-old princess that still lives with her parents. Basically, she is a spoiled brat, and I cannot stand spoiled kids. However, most spoiled kids know how to be fake and, as we all know, being fake is a very good trait to have in the Big Brother House. She will be able to tell people what they want to hear and most of them will probably believe it. This will only last so long, but by the time they realize she was being fake, she may have already made such an impact it will be to late for her to leave the house.

The 26 year-old, big breasted, good looking, chemist. Well, thats what she thinks at least. She thinks she is hot, but I would have to say different. In my opinion, she looks like a skank. One who would sleep with a guy in the game to get further… anyone remember Lydia under the covers with Jesse in the HoH room, sounds like we have another one. She also claims that she is smart and is a chemist. Which, i don’t think she would lie to the public about it, but I just can’t see it. And if she is, kudos to her. Hopefully she will be a fierce competitor and cause a bunch of drama in the house!

The 34 year-old, token gay guy. I don’t think Big Brother has ever had a guy guy over the age of 30, so a mature gay might be different from the rest. Maybe not as much as a drama queen? Who knows. I don’t see him being much of a threat in any of the competitions, but we won’t know till we watch.

Those are the 13, new Houseguests that will be scrutinized by so many Big Brother fans. May it be only on the 3 weekly episodes or 24/7 on the live feeds. All I can say, is that these people better get ready for a drama filled Summer because Big Brother claims that this will be the hardest season YET! I cannot wait for it all to take place. Only 5 days away until the premiere! Lets get ready!!!!!

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