This year it seems they are bringing ways for Big Brother Fans, like us, to get involved. They added a “Big Brother Fantasy Game.” Its actually quite simple, and I have already signed up, and picked my team.

The point of the “Big Brother Fantasy Game” is to select two of the 13 houseguests (yes you are allowed to pick the mystery houseguest even though we don’t know who it is yet) and earn points. The way your team earns points all depends on what the houseguests you’ve selected do in the house. Also, make sure you know that your chosen houseguests can also make you LOSE points. At the end of the season the people with the highest points win prizes, so its always a good idea to get involved.

How To Earn Points
Some of the ways you can earn points are pretty obvious. Such as, winning HoH, winning the POV, using the POV. But, from what I can see, those are the only obvious ones. You can still earn points by picking a housguest that gets into a showmance, cries, gets into a physical fight, swears, says Julie’s name, wins food reward, gets in hot tub, or works out. Of course some things aren’t worth as much as other things. For example if a houseguest wins HoH they win 20 points, but if they swear they only win 1 point. So make sure to choose houseguests that are sure to win competitions and do the few other things in the house. For me, I chose Michele, as she is my favorite and I think she will probably win most mental challenges. Now I’m stuck on who to choose for my 2nd houseguest. I’m debating picking someone that will win most physical competitions, or someone that will just do a lot of the little things in the house.

Ways To Lose Points
You lose A LOT of points when one of the houseguests you’ve chosen are evicted. You also lose points when one of the houseguests are nominated for eviction. The other two ways to lose points is if your houseguests get injured, or they smoke. So my advice is not to pick someone that is a smoker.

Bonus Question
I don’t really know what this whole “Bouns Question” thing is. All i know is that if you answer the question right you earn 30 points, which is a lot considering winning an HoH is only 20. They say that after every episode od Big Brother they will post a multiple choice question and it will be about the episode that was just aired. So make sure to pay close attention to the episode, because they might make the questions obvious, or difficult.

So make sure to go to CBS and sign up for the fantasy game, its never a bad thing to be more involved in the game. Oh and i forgot to add that you can change the two houseguests you’ve chosen as long as its not in a blackout period. Click here to sign up for the Fantasy Game. Have fun!!!

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