Andrew planted the seeds of great drama to come in the Big Brother 12 house.  This week it is a power couple face-off between Brendon and Rachel versus Hayden and Kristen.  All Matt has to do is sit back and watch the drama unfold.  Most likely, Rachel will nominate Hayden and Kristen for eviction, and for the fourth time accuse someone of getting between her and her man, Brendon.  The Brigade will most certainly have to stay in secrecy, and now fight to save Hayden and, if possible, Kristen off the block.  The Brigade can still do some damage in the Big Brother house, but it is obvious that in this game two heads is better than four.

As of now, if you cannot beat them, join them would be a better decision for any power player in this house.  Who will be smart enough to make a deal?

Wouldn’t it be a genius move for Hayden and Kristen to strike a final four deal with Brendon and Rachel so that Brendon and Rachel would be gunning for the Brigade players, and Hayden and Kristen would take care of floaters?  In fact, they could use the whole drama to their advantage since nobody in the house will suspect of their alliance.

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