As Rachel and Brendon are on their personal power trip, there are a few things we can learn from the second week of Big Brother 12.  First and foremost, Rachel and Brendon are definitely not Jeff and Jordan from last season.  There is obvious tension in their strategies between Rachel and Brendon unlike last season where Jeff was the brains behind their showmance/alliance.  Rachel and Brendon are obviously making poor game decisions which are making enemies out of everyone early in the game, except Kathy.  In fact, the obvious choice to nominate would have been Hayden and Monet.  It is ironic that they don’t want to make personal vendetta nominations yet their nominations are nothing but personal.  Will their decisions cause them to be targeted?

Second of all, the Brigade alliance is the only true power in the house with Hayden playing the smartest game thus far.  The Brigade is doing a splendid job in keeping their alliance a secret.  Hayden single-handedly saved the Brigade by suggesting putting up Britney and Monet, and Rachel listened which proves my first point that Rachel does not know what she is doing.  Matt, of course, took the biggest risk by volunteering to be nominated.  Only the result of Thursdays Live Eviction will show if he is a diabolical genius.  Will Matt survive the block and will the Brigade continue to rule the house?

Predictions: One thing for sure, this week’s eviction will most certainly draw much clearer lines in the sand.  Matt will most likely stay in the house this week with votes 5-4, most of the house will be gunning after Rachel and Brendon, and the Brigade alliance might get exposed in week 3 as it will be obvious who saved Matt.

What do you think?

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