At last, we have a pulse, we hear breathing, there are signs of life as Big Brother 12 is coming out of its coma.  The latest episode from Wednesday offers a little bit of everything we have been waiting for, and so it began with Brendon, once again, wanting a hug.  There is no doubt in my mind that Brendon was neglected as a child by his parent, and due to lack of love in his life he became a wuss.  It is quite pathetic actually to see him lose at every competition, and acting mad sure seems fake as Rachel’s tears.  *Sigh* these two are made for each other.  I was not surprised that he would attack yet another smaller-in-stature houseguest, since he is a coward in standing up to one of the guys.  After Big Brother, let us hope that Brendon will grow some balls, and get some therapy to get over his awful childhood past.

Rachel, of course, has some issues of her own.  According to her, if she is sad and crying then everyone in the house also need to be in mourning, and when she is in power everyone needs to grab a life vest, in case her silicone-implants erupt, of course.  It was very entertaining to watch Rachel beg for an apology as Kathy stood her ground.  Bravo Kathy!  I’m beginning to like her.  In the end, Rachel ends up being the biggest hypocrite in the game of Big Brother.

So who benefited from this entire charade?  Of course, the Brigade.  The more drama in the house coming from Brendon and Rachel, the easier it is to hide for the Brigade in plain sight.  For now, let us enjoy the self-destruction of Brendon and Rachel.

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