The Veterans consisting of Brenchel, the Donatos, and Jeff and Jordan don’t have a choice but to join forces against the new houseguests.  Meanwhile, the new houseguests are forced to counteract by making a new alliance called The Regulators consisting of Dominic, Cassie, Lawon, and Keith.  As Big Brother 13 is off to a great start, it is the Regulators and the Veterans pitted against each other in a bloody fight to the end.  I cannot wait until the Veterans find out about the Regulators and force the fight to be in the open.

Since the Veterans are down in numbers, the search for the lucky seventh member for the Veteran team is on.  The Veterans have narrowed it down to two candidates in Adam and Porsche.  Of course, Adam revealed in the diary room that he is clearly not interested in the offer, while Porsche is more open-minded.  The Veterans seemed to be more on the board with recruiting Porsche anyway.  The interesting thing is that the Veterans have a funny way of recruiting her to their side.  The plan that was set in motion by the Veterans was nominating Porsche and her partner Keith, evicting Keith, granting the golden key to Porsche and thus winning her over to the Veteran’s team.  As a result of nominating Keith, the Veterans are pitted against the Regulators right from the start of the game without even realizing it.

I personally haven’t expected the type of strategizing and gameplay that I have seen so far from Porsche.  I strongly believe “if you can’t beat them, join them” or the importance of “keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer” as it relates to Big Brother.  Porsche was quite smart to join the Veterans, even if it is for the time being.  On the other hand, Keith wasn’t smart at all as he threw her under the bus to the other houseguests.  Keith really missed out on a huge opportunity to come up to the Veterans with Porsche, and make a secret deal with them that would not have resulted in them getting nominated.  Now with Evel Dick gone, the Veterans need yet one more ally to join their side.  It’ll be interesting to see how Evel Dick’s absence is affecting the Veteran’s overall strategy.

In my opinion, the Veterans approach to recruiting allies this week might have been the worst in Big Brother history, because now the Regulators, even in the case of Keith getting evicted, could easily recruit Porsche to the new alliance.  Therefore, they could use Porsche to gain valuable information from the Veterans in the coming weeks.  In other news, the potential floaters are Shelly, Adam, and Kalia.

What do you think about the two alliances? What do you expect to happen in the coming week?


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