The Brigade is finally starting to win some competitions!  The reason is there is not much competition left at all. Ragan woke up from his eight weeks of hibernation, but it is too little, too late for him to start playing this game.  He should have figured out the Brigade alliance and wised up from the beginning.  Major floaters go home in this game! So who is winning this game?

It seems like Enzo would be the ideal player to take to Final 2.  Since he hasn’t done much game-playing, he would be an easy player to beat.  But is there anyone who is willing to take him?  Maybe Hayden!

Hayden has been playing a great social game and winning competitions when he really needs it.  He is very sneaky and the kind of player that gets what he wants in this game, most of the time. He can definitely beat Lane in the Final 2.  But will Britney be evicted in order for that scenario to happen?

Britney has to be the best player in this Big Brother 12 season.  She has proved that status by winning many competitions, and always positioning herself perfectly in the group dynamic every week.  I don’t think anyone will beat her in the Final 2.  So will everyone realize this and try to evict her?  Probably!

Who do you think will be in the Final 2?

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