Dan, the winner of Big Brother 10, was well-known for his unique strategy for appearing weak, establishing an alliance on impulse, and throwing competitions. Later, Dan quickly turned his game around by establishing a solid and trustworthy alliance, winning the competitions, and playing strong, thus, winning the Big Brother game.

It appears that Dan, now as one of the coaches for Big Brother 14, is having the same strategy of appearing weak due to having less number of players on his team, establishing an alliance with Mike Boogie on impulse, and not only throwing competitions, but instructing his players to do the same. Perhaps playing Big Brother 14 as a coach in the same way he played as Big Brother 10 houseguest is not the most brilliant idea. In fact, Janelle and Britney have already caught on to Dan and it appears that they are not easily fooled by his recycled strategy. It is true that having one less player on one’s own team and the possibility of having only one player after Thursday’s eviction episode can take the target off your back. At the same time, it is a completely different Big Brother game as a coach as opposed to the one Dan was playing as a player.

What do you think?

Are we seeing the fall of Dan as we speak due to his recycled gameplay or will Dan succeed on keeping the target off his team?

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