The paranoia created by the Saboteur sets inevitable fear among the Brigade, which can be the beginning of the end for the “Lets rely on Matt, because we cannot do anything in this game” alliance.  The group mentality of the Brigade is under threat as everyone is starting to think the Saboteur can be one of them.  Therefore, the paranoia unknowingly created by the Saboteur is a catalyst for any member of the Brigade to start opting out.  Of course, it is still too early to go backstabbing your own alliance, so expect the Brigade to start making some sideline deals to ensure their longevity in the game in case the Brigade falls apart.  Most likely, Hayden and Enzo will be making deals since both of them do not have their own “safety parachutes” in this game anymore.  While it is of a benefit to Lane and Matt to still keep the Brigade intact.

As there are only eight houseguests left in the Big Brother house the real game has to begin.  Indeed, the houseguests cannot continue to vote with the majority of the house.  So will this week be the first week where houseguests are truly going to be divided?

Will the division in the house cause the Brigade also to choose sides??

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