Big Brother game is all about perfect timing.  Every move needs to be calculated and beneficial to own individual game.  As of now, Matt is the only smartest and strongest player left in the Big Brother 12 house.  Love him or hate him, he is willing to make bold moves in the game and win the competitions.  This is a perfect time in the game to make one of the few bold moves that anybody is willing to make for Matt.

Obviously, the Brigade is crumbling and turning against their best player on the team.  It would be a wise move if Hayden and Enzo could win a competition or two.  Hopefully, Matt will see that Enzo and Hayden turned on him and nominate Enzo or Hayden for eviction.  At this point, America is desperate for any bold moves in the game to really turn the house upside down.

All his anticipation for Matt to use the Diamond Power of Veto only to get Kathy out would be such a waste.  By nominating Enzo or Hayden, Matt will decrease the power of the Bro-gade, and will gain two strong allies in this game in Brittney and Ragan.

Will Matt realize the perfect timing for a bold move or make a foolish decision by nominating Kathy or Brittney?

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