Monet, the most boring contestant in Big Brother 12, got evicted.  After the eviction ceremony, Matt came out looking like a genius after all.  Brendon and Rachel will finally taste the bitterness of their foolish decision-making.  The look on their faces is already priceless as Matt wins the HOH endurance competition, and the Brigade continues its reign in secrecy.

It will be very interesting to see who will Matt nominate, and if his “wife having a disease” lie will backfire on him.  As of now, it will be wise for him to nominate Kathy and Rachel or Brendan.  Brenchel seems like a bigger threat to Matt’s longevity in this game so far.  Also, it will be easy to evict Kathy since she is not a strong competitor.

Some of the events that we might see happening in week 3 of Big Brother 12 is Hayden and Kristen showmance getting exposed, and possibility of Rachel getting evicted.  In Big Brother 9, if I’m not mistaken, a houseguest calling a house meeting got evicted the next week.  The possibility of Britney aligning herself with Matt sounds enticing.

What do you think Matt will do as HOH?

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