It is not a secret that Big Brother wants to protect its precious showmance, Brendon and Rachel.  Every season a showmance is an important part of the game, whether you love them or love to hate them.  If you get close to the power couple any houseguest ensures their eviction due to being guilty by association, and if you blatantly attack the power couple any houseguest ensures their failure in doing so.

The most strategic move is not to associate yourself with any showmance ensuring your safety, and not targeting them looking for the right moment to strike a perfect deal with them (ex. Russell from BB11).  As of now, Britney is in the right position by not associating herself with Brenchel, and striking a great deal with Brenchel later in the game thus ensuring her safety.

On the other hand, Matt’s controversial lie has indeed backfired.  In fact, it has backfired not inside the house yet, but outside of the house.  Due to his controversial lie that made a big splash in the newspapers attacking CBS, Matt insured his eviction that is to come soon in the next weeks.  Thus, Matt’s mistake was to lie about his wife’s disease without putting much thought into how it can backfire outside of the house.  Now Matt made another mistake by putting up Kathy and Andrew in result making more enemies than friends.  The Brigade is tearing out their hair right about now.

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