The first three weeks of Big Brother 14 game has been reset into oblivion like a complete nightmare it was by a big, red button. Many of the Big Brother fans were frustrated with the prospect of coaches entering the game as players. At the same time, the presence of coaches in the Big Brother house prevented the players from forming lasting relationships and powerful alliances as in previous Big Brother seasons. It was quite common for players to form alliances and make final four deals since the very first week. As a result of the coaches, players of Big Brother 14 were forced to play with their drafted teammates, and the strategy of many was to play according to the philosophy of the past week. For example, in the first week Dan lost Jodi to the unexpected twist which quickly allowed other teams to target Dan’s player Kara. And in the second week, the explosive reign and expulsion of Willie gave an excuse to target Britney’s players, JoJo and Shane.

Now, it appears that the coaches playing Big Brother 14 as players allows everyone to start afresh and finally develop undefeated powerhouses. If you have been watching the Big Brother live feeds, we are beginning to actually see one of those potential undefeated powerhouses forming called “The Silent Six,” consisting of Dan & Danielle, Britney & Shane, Mike Boogie & Frank. At the beginning of this week, Mike Boogie was at a low end of the stick as his close ally Frank was targeted by Danielle and many of the coaches not trusting to work with him. Quickly, Mike Boogie turned the game around as he became part of “The Silent Six” alliance and propelled the plan of backdooring Janelle. The plan worked as Danielle, the current Head of Household, nominated Janelle with Frank already being on the block. It seems like most of the Big Brother house wants Janelle evicted this coming Thursday due to her blatant lying and being fake to other houseguests. At the same time, Janelle doesn’t appear to be as huge of a threat as in previous seasons mostly due to aging.

What do you think of recent developments? Do you think “The Silent Six” will last until the final six or will they fall apart in the coming weeks? Who do you think will be the first to backstab “The Silent Six?”

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