I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but Matt using the Diamond Power of Veto and evicting Kathy was a smart, strategic move.  If he would have put Hayden or Enzo up on the block, then Brendon would be a tie-breaker vote.  Due to Brendon’s deciding vote, Lane would have gone to the Jury House.  In those circumstances, Matt would be in a lose-lose situation since he would bluntly attack the Brigade while putting a huge target on his back.  Using the Diamond Power of Veto on Kathy puts Matt in a win-win situation since he gains the trust of the Brigade, and gaining the alliance of Ragan, Brittney, and Lane.  As a result, Matt should continue to align himself with Ragan and Brittney and the Brigade, to a certain degree,while working together to take out the common enemy in Brendon.  Once Brendon is out of the house, it is time for Matt to take out the Brigade members starting with Hayden or Enzo.  Double Eviction Week makes this even more exciting.  I cannot wait to see Rachel’s face when Kathy and Brendon walk through that door before Matt does.

On another note, would it be better for Brittney to backdoor Brendon, or to put him up on the block right away?

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