In part one of my First Impressions, I gave some of my insight on the first four houseguests: Adam, Cassi, Dominic, and Kalia. If you haven’t read part one, I suggest that you do so before proceeding with part two. In part two now, I will give you some of my first impressions on the rest of the houseguests and the dynamic duos.

Keith Henderson is going to be an interesting houseguest. He definitely has a plan to win, and his plan revolves around aligning himself around all the younger ladies. Keith is intentionally looking for a showmance. Unfortunately, the success rate of Big Brother houseguests winning with a showmance is, not impossible, but quite low. Therefore, I do not expect him to go far in the Big Brother 13 game. In fact, his “Keith’s Angels” strategy is unoriginal whatsoever as he describes it in his interview video. I believe in Big Brother house unpredictability wins you the game, and Keith’s predictability will cost him the game.

Lawon Exum is going to blow the roof off Big Brother 13 house. I wish I can say that with confidence, but I truly cannot guarantee that will be the case. I do not think he will be bringing the same drama into the Big Brother house as Ragan (BB12) did. In fact, in his interview video Lawon appears stoic and we can barely see his personality come alive. Perhaps he will go far in the Big Brother since he won’t stir the pot of the Big Brother drama. At the same time, if all Lawon will do is being a fashion critique of other Big Brother houseguests he won’t last long in the game. I see him as a potential floater.

Porsche Briggs is one of the female eye candies of Big Brother 13. Perhaps it won’t take long before we see Porsche and Dominic or Porsche and Keith start a showmance of the summer. She reminds me greatly of Rachel (BB12). At the same time, Porsche doesn’t seem to be as annoying as Rachel. I expect tons of drama from this girl, as she will most likely clash with other female houseguests. She would be my number one candidate to be evicted from Big Brother 13 before the jury house.

Shelly Moore is going to be the mother of Big Brother 13 house. She is a cross-hybrid between Kail (BB8) and Amy (BB3). Shelly is definitely going to attract some of the younger ladies in the Big Brother house that will see her as a mother. At the same time, she will most likely align herself with other mature and older houseguests in the house. On the other side, many will despise her for her annoying tone of voice. There are several possibilities for Shelly: she can become the ultimate floater such as Kathy (BB12), a strategic player that will fizzle out such as Kail (BB8), or a Southern Bella that everyone will love or love to hate such as Amy (BB3).

Now the dynamic duos twist of the Big Brother 13 season is the most exciting concept of a twist that I’ve heard in a long time. Three pairs from past seasons will have a chance to come back and really bring the game to the Big Brother 13 house. As of now, those three pairs will most likely be Jeff and Jordan (BB11), Brendon and Rachel (BB12), and Evil Dick and Danielle (BB8). Objectively speaking, it will be very interesting and exciting to see a match made in heaven, Jeff and Jordan, in the same Big Brother house with a match from hell, Brendon and Rachel. I do not think Jeff and Jordan are huge fans of both Brendon and Rachel so I expect tons of drama and entertainment from the dynamic duos as well. It will be dynamic indeed.

Who is your favorite houseguest so far? Who do you think has the best potential to win the game?

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