The moment we all have been waiting for has arrived. The cast of Big Brother 13 is finally revealed.
My first reaction was pure shock and disbelief. I did not believe that Big Brother would meet my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised that Big Brother 13 cast was very diverse. I think the casting crew for Big Brother really took out the old playbook in choosing the perfect combination of people for this season. So without further ado, I will offer some of my first impressions on each houseguest of Big Brother 13, including the potential dynamic duos.
Adam Poch is a cross-hybrid between Chicken George (BB1&7) and Matt (BB12). His humor and cuddliness remind me of Chicken George, while his hard-rock persona reminds me of Matt. At first, it seems like Adam won’t accomplish much in Big Brother game but I don’t think we should be fooled. I believe his humor, although will annoy some houseguests, will mostly be an advantage. Adam will be a very strategic player behind closed doors while fooling everyone else with his cuddliness. Most likely, he will align himself with other mature and wiser houseguests in the Big Brother house.
Cassi Colvin, unlike previous models on Big Brother, seems like a sweetheart. She is a sweetheart until you will start messing with her. Then, I really see her getting her Texas boots on and kicking the other houseguests out of the Big Brother house. At the same time, Cassi has a disadvantage being the model in the Big Brother house. As I recall, models don’t win in Big Brother. It’ll be interesting what she will do differently than previous models in the Big Brother game. I see her possibly clashing with other female houseguests, or she might align herself with them.
Dominic Briones is going to be one of the male eye candies of Big Brother 13. He has the charm and the wit to outplay all the other houseguests. Dominic will most likely be a laid-back houseguest similar to Jeff (BB11), and at a perfect timing he will strike to take out the competition. He seems to be the perfect bachelor candidate to get into a showmance. At the same time, the single female houseguests would not sway or woo him out of the Big Brother house. I expect Dominic aligning with the younger houseguests while staying away from the drama they will create.
Kalia Booker is going to be a fierce competitor. She reminds me of Libra (BB10). I believe Kalia will bring similar attitude, drama, and competition to the Big Brother 13 house. She might want to tone down the confidence level once in the Big Brother house, but she is definitely a houseguest not to provoke. It seems like Kalia will be the snake in the grass, and once she strikes it will be deadly. Kalia is one of the few houseguests that has a personality advantage of aligning with either younger or older houseguests. Perhaps she will play every houseguest and exploit every angle to get closer to the ultimate prize.


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